Karen Hrdlicka‘s review

July 17, 2015
bytheriverCowboy romances are one of my go to sub genres to read. I adore the characteristics that a true cowboy exhibits. They are every bit the gentleman in their Wranglers and Stetsons as the business man in his Armani suit. I live smack dab in the middle of the U.S. so I see cowboys on a regular basis. Ms. Addison’s Beyond the Chutes gives the reader a behind the scenes glimpse of not only cowboys but the rodeo lifestyle of the Canadian professional circuit.
Kody is a four time Canadian all around rodeo champ. The previous season, his last ride snatched a fifth title from his grasp and could have been career ending. Kody fights back from his injury to compete again, however he often struggles with the lingering after effects of the event. Kody exemplifies the perfect cowboy, most of the time, but like everyone he makes mistakes. He is, after all, a man and beautiful women are found following the rodeo circuit or competing. He does his best to rectify a bad situation which could cost him his best friend carefully and honestly. He is a humble winner, a tough competitor and a man who loves his family. I like his character, he is smart, hard working, funny, and sexy as hell.

Jaimie McDonald is a talented sportscaster who suddenly shows up on the rodeo circuit. I like Jaimie’s character, she is hard working and doesn’t let the men in her industry or the cowboys push her around. The moment they meet the chemistry ignites and the chase begins. Kody knows that he is attracted to the journalist. She fears that her attraction could cost her her job and her broadcasting future. The lure of the Calgary Stampede brings them together but the relationship is not without its problems. While the couple is creative in their endeavors to remain undetected, they are equally creative in the bedroom or in the great outdoors. Kody is having the a terrific season professionally but cannot openly truly share it with the woman he wants. The story is well paced and the banter between all the characters is realistic and sexy. I would love to read another cowboy romance by Ms. Addison.

★★★★★ for Beyond The Chute

Erika Daman‘s review

Read on July 24, 2015


FullSizeRender_2Totally loved this story! Cody was a respectable cowboy, but couldn’t resist his best friend’s kid sister, Mia. However Cody soon realized he was thinking with the wrong body part. He continued to have good rides and started to notice the TV reporter who was covering the rodeo. Jaimie is a rising star in the broadcasting world, but she has a no fraternizing clause in her contract and she doesn’t want to get fired for some cowboy. However, as she gets to k ow Kody that determination gets harder and harder until one night when she had a bit too much to drink and runs into Kody who wants to get her home safely. In the end she doesn’t want him to leave and that night changes everything between them. The closer they get the more difficult it is keep their secret and when Kody gets her to come to the ranch to get away and to get outside hotel rooms, it’s great until Mia comes over and she not only gets jealous, she is pissed. Does this mean the end for Kody and Jaimie? Will Jaimie lose her job?
I enjoyed the characters in this story. Kody seemed like a really good guy, minus his sleeping with Mia. I am curious as to what happened with Wade and will there be a spin off with this bad boy? Jaimie was very sweet and it is great for a female to be successful in the world of sports broadcasting. Let me tell you that Jaimie and Kody were HOT HOT HOT! Between the sheets! Wowzers and very steamy!
Great read In an evening

Author Highlight: Author Cara Addison


1. How much of you do you pour into your characters, as far as personality is concerned?
It isn’t intentional, but I find that I introduce a lot of my own personality traits, and interests into my characters. I tend to write female characters that are strong, ambitious, driven, creative, and have a great sense of humour. I try to draw a subtle correlation between these traits and the success my characters enjoy. Like they say, you write what you know.

Austin Campbell is one of my favourite characters. When I created her, I was unpublished, so writing her as a Canadian author of romance novels was pure fiction. Now, Austin is a little bit of art imitating life. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of fiction in Austin’s character. She’s had adventures and made decision that I would never have made.

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In honor of the Siren’s Sinsational Summer event: Part One of Today’s Author Highlight is Author Cara Addison.
-viewer discretion is advised as this author does erotica-

CaraAddison profilepic

Cara was born and raised in Southern Ontario. She has utilized her drive, tenacity, ambition and out-of-the-box thinking to ascend the Canadian corporate ladder and shatter the proverbial glass ceiling. As the CEO of a government firm, Cara prefers to be out in the trenches, working to provide solutions rather than sitting behind a desk. While she loves to succeed in her work, she issued an impromptu challenge to herself that led her to sit down one day and write a piece of fiction that was worthy of publication.

Being an avid daydreamer since childhood, she transferred her own wit and humor to the narrative and dialogue of the characters that resided in her imagination. The words poured onto the page and within…

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★★★★★ for ‘Indulging Her Fantasy’

Exquisite Reviews – Indulging Her Fantasy
on July 20, 2015
The characters were developed well developed. Aurora’s character was uniquely represented by her strength and hard work as well as compassion. Nicholas was similarly strong; however, there were some parts in which it felt as if they were both taking on the ALPHA of the relationship. The supporting characters complimented the story.

The time and place of the book were consistent with the story. The plot was interesting, the conflicts refreshing and the characters satisfy the climax of the story. The storyline is strong, well developed and refreshing considering having a strong woman lead character.

The story appeared to go slow at the beginning, as the deal was happening and then as if jumping through the time we get a sex scene, a trip, a new deal, and much more that drive the story and plot to appropriate flow and rhythm to keep your heart pumping to the very end where you’ll definitely get the so expected climax of the story.

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★★★★★ OMG!!! This book is HOT!!!

OMG!!! This book is HOT!!!
July 18, 2015
CC sequelThis review is from: Going the Distance (Siren Publishing Classic) (Kindle Edition)
From the first chapter, this book is SIZZLING! Brett and Austin meet in a surprising way, but they sizzle between the sheets, on the couch, at the night club, etc. I love how she inspires through her sex life with Brett through her writing and that Brett and her inspire her writing. The passion they have for each other inspires my husband and I as well.
I love Austin’s boldness and how she is so comforatable with her own sexuality. This story has some very adventurous sex scenes and two very passionate people, who want it often and anywhere they happen to be. It is a read that should require a warning that it may be too hot to read in public or you may be squirming in your seat.
DANG!!! SO HOT!!!!!!
 July 18, 2015
Wow! You would think Brett and Austin might settle into living together and their passion for each other would dwindle, nope, not at all!! In fact, I think they are hotter than they were in “Going the Distance.” This sequel allowed us to learn more about who Brett and Austin are, on top of appreciating their passion for each other. I thought my Ipad was going to overheat with as hot as Brett and Austin can get.
I believe that this should have come with a warning about reading in public, do not read unless comfortable with squirming in your seat through the good parts!! A great and fun read.

A Reader Made My Day

Sometimes, a reader can just make your day.

When Barbara posted this comment on Facebook, I just knew that I had to share it with you.

I just finished reading Beyond The Chute. This is the most awesome cowboy rodeo story I have ever read. Each page made me feel as if I was there. I couldn’t put it down. I hope you write more cowboy books. This is my 1st book by you and I can honestly say I’m hooked. You’re an amazing author can’t wait to see and read what you do next.

Release Day Review- Unwanted Attention by Cara Addison

I had the privilege to read an ARC copy of Unwanted Attention and all I can say is WOW! It is HOT!! It also has a great story with great characters and lots of suspense.

I am new to Austin and Brett’s story, I haven’t read the Fortuitous Pen, but I am thinking I have to now after reading Unwanted Attention.

Google FormSo, Unwanted Attention takes place a year after Brett and Austin are married. They recently had a daughter after a traumatic birth experience for Austin. Austin is a romance novelist; writing under the name A.C. Madison. She hasn’t publicized the birth of her daughter to her fans. Her and Austin would like to keep that part of their life private. However, Austin receives an email that tells her that one of her fans know about baby Ella. As the contact goes on, Austin realizes that her stalker is now following her in her real life.

Austin and Brett go to the police with the information. The police are investigating, except her stalker continues and gets bolder. Austin and Brett go to California for Brett’s work and to remember where and how they met. Her stalker continues to try to contact her and eventually breaks into her home. This is where Brett draws the line, he sends Austin to Canada for her protection until the trial. However is she protected there?

The rest of the book is a page turning, heart stopping thriller. Lots of suprises in the end, some good and some really bad. Overall, it made for a great story. I couldn’t put it down and read it on a Sunday morning.

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