June 13th Book Signing Event

Live the Hype Author Event Toronto

Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (EDT)

Toronto, ON

On June 13th, I’ll be joined by 44 other authors at a signing event with proceeds going towards the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer.  We are authors and fans helping people in need and supporting a wonderful charity!  All of the details are on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/933642903330017/



This is a ticketed event.  You can purchase your tickets to the Sexy in the City TORONTO event HERE.  I’ll be signing books, giving away swag, and selling & signing paperback and ebook copies of my novels.

KoboYou can also enter to win a Kobo Touch eReader. The winner will be drawn on June 13th at 4pm.

Join me on June 13th at The Sheraton by Nathan Phillips Square and the Eaton’s Center.

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
123 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 3M9

Indulging Her Fantasy: Coming June 4th

Earn a FREE e-copy of ‘Loans Lust and Lies’

Here’s a little excerpt from ‘Loans, Lust, and Lies’
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EXCERPT: The tall and intimidating security officer inspected her business card and then her identification, eyeing her from hair to hemline before punching her information into the computer. He mused to himself that on days like these, he enjoyed checking out the tall attractive women who visited the building. He preferred blondes, but there was something mesmerizing about the brunette in front of him.

He had watched her stride confidently toward him, carrying an
attractive leather attaché case. It fit perfectly with her ensemble that was both corporate in look, but also very, very sexy. Or maybe it’s just the woman wearing the clothes, he thought as the visitor pass printed out. He handed her the heavy plastic security pass and pointed her toward the bank of elevators at the far end of the lobby. “Those elevators will take you directly to the executive suite. You’ll need to swipe that card to activate the elevator car. Once inside, you’ll need to swipe it again to close the door.”

Aubreigh nodded. “Thank you,” she added with a warm smile.
She clipped the pass to her lapel and walked toward the executive
elevator. She could feel the security guard’s eyes on her ass as she walked away. She’d read his facial expressions, determining that he had taken notice to her physical attributes, admiring her cleavage a moment longer than appropriate. She turned her head in his direction and smiled wryly at the accuracy of her prediction.


Unwanted Attention

Book 3 in the Going The Distance Series

Coming in 2015

Since falling in love in San Diego three years ago, the very sexy Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner have gotten married, moved to Connecticut, and prepared to welcome their first child.

While Brett is as busy as ever in his role as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Austin is ready to take a little break from her writing career to focus on motherhood. When a message from a fan about the unannounced birth of their daughter appears in her inbox, it has her wondering how private her personal life really is.

Brett’s concern over the escalating attention from a cyberstalker has him rallying Bunny, Nicolas, and her Canadian friends to join together to protect Austin and baby Ella from the unwanted attention that has turned real-time when Ivan Varga confronts Austin in person.

After months of gathering evidence, Austin finally has her day in court to face the delusional fan that erroneously believes a fictional piece of writing is about their future lives together. Courtroom drama rises to a new level when Austin takes the stand.

What people are saying about Cara Addison’s Going The Distance series:

–Tom Hockman

“Going the Distance is about clicking with someone in every way. This series is not just a sex fantasy, it’s a relationship fantasy. But don’t think that means the sex isn’t hot, hotter, hottest!”

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 57,152 words

Steamy & Fun Read: The Fortuitous Pen


Steamy & Fun Read

March 20, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
1be61-pen2b3dThis is a nicely paced, easily enjoyable tale of erotica novelist, Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner. Although it is a sequel, it completely stands alone and is filled with witty dialogue, lots of steamy scenes and all around fun. A story where in the end love conquers all.

Refreshing great read


Refreshing great read

March 18, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

1be61-pen2b3dWow I didn’t think that it was going to be better [than the prequel] but pleasantly surprised that it was, still struggling with outside issues but their love for each other stands out, great humour, huge amount of hot erotic scenes nicely written, absolutely brilliant story

Really Good Read


Really good read
March 12, 2015
By Kindle Customer karen
I was sent this free for my honest review and I really enjoyed reading this book, she is a successful marketing and part time erotic author away to promote her book and he is a very successful banker on vacation, they don’t plan on their romance going any further than the week they are there but their feelings about each say different, they decide to try the long distance and see each other every weekend to see how it developed, you won’t be disappointed good humour, very hot steamy scenes, no big bad drama and so easy to read and get into the story.