Excerpt – Going the Distance

Going the Distance
Cara Addison

They woke at eight o’clock and ordered room service, eating on the balcony. Austin excused herself to get ready. She showered, styled her hair, and applied her makeup before pulling a party dress out of the closet. She pulled on the indigo backless halter-strap dress. The fabric hugged her skin, the hem reaching just below her bottom. An extra layer of fabric covered the bodice and was ruched together at the waist.
She called out to Brett, “Hey, do you mind if I wear heels?”

“I expected you would.”

She slipped on a pair of two-toned blue Manolo Blahnik strappy snakeskin heels. She was adding a silver pendant necklace that dangled between her breasts as he walked into the bedroom to dress.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her. She strutted toward him, the four-inch heels bringing them face-to-face. She kissed him, his eyes still wide in wonder. He stepped back, motioning for her to spin around. He stopped her when he caught a glimpse of her bare back. He ran his hand up her spine.

“Are you wearing a bra?”

She nodded, running her finger over the clear strap that ran across the middle of her back.

“Are you wearing panties?” he asked as he inspected her ass.

“I am.” She laughed, lifting the hem to show him the tiny blue thong.

He spun her the rest of the way around as she pulled her dress back down. “I am in so much trouble.” He laughed as he kissed her. “You belong in New York.”

She was flattered. “Get ready. We’re supposed to be in the lobby in ten minutes.”
She added a few items to her clutch purse as he pulled on a pair of dark tailored pants and a deep gray pinstriped dress shirt. He rolled up the sleeves, leaving the collar open. A black snakeskin belt and a pair of stunning black dress shoes completed the outfit.

It was almost ten o’clock when they walked into the crowded club, walking past the lineup and directly to their VIP table. A notable DJ was spinning, the dance floor packed, a sea of bodies in constant movement. Neon lights flickered as they settled into their private area overlooking the crowds. There was a mix of standing and seating space. Austin chose to stand at a table, moving her body to the music. A dedicated waitress took their order. She wasn’t sure what the bottle minimum was for their group, but assumed it would be significant. They ordered a bottle of vodka, champagne, and an assortment of other liquors. Within minutes, the waitress returned, setting up a central table with glasses, mixes, and ice. When drinks had been poured, they raised their glasses to each other. “Cheers.”

Austin slammed back a shot of vodka, motioning for the waitress to pour another. She downed the drink, setting down her glass. “Easy kitten,” Brett cautioned, looking at her with wide eyes.

She cupped her hands like a kitten’s paw and playfully batted at his arm. “It’s okay.” She leaned in to kiss him. “I stretched my liver.” She grabbed Krissy’s and Candace’s hands, leading them to the dance floor in the VIP area. Bobbi followed when she had finished her drink. Austin was by far the tallest of the four women, standing inches above many in the room. The DJ spun a Katy Perry song, and the women danced, clearly singing along to the words. Austin raised her hand above her head, her shoulders, hips, and entire body moving in perfect rhythm to the music. It was obvious that she was having a great time.
Chet leaned over the table. “You’re one lucky bastard,” he said to Brett, nodding his head in Austin’s direction.

“I’ve heard that a few times this week,” he responded, without taking his eyes of Austin.
“If she can fuck anything like she can dance…” He didn’t finish his sentence, watching her lower her body to the music.

“She can,” Brett confirmed.

“She is something,” Chet added. “I mean…look at her.”

Brett paused. “Ya. Add in that she’s smart, talented, funny, and easy to talk to, the sex is really just a delicious bonus.”

The song shifted, and she turned to Brett, motioning for him to join her on the dance floor.

Nathan and Tim were already dancing with their girlfriends. “I’m going in,” he warned, setting down his drink.

Austin loosely draped her arms around his neck. She danced against his body. He spun her around, spooning her, mirroring her motion. She was thrilled that he could dance, and urged him on, reaching back to run her hand up his thigh. They danced to two more songs before she pulled him back to the seating area. Her skin was glistening. She drank a full glass of water before accepting another vodka with a splash of OJ. He sat down on the bench, pulling her onto his knee. She kissed him, tasting something other than vodka on his lips. “What are you drinking?” she asked, pointing to the clear liquid in his glass.


She raised an eyebrow before leaning in to kiss him again. She kissed her way to his ear where she whispered, “I want you.”

He sat back and looked at her, weighing his options. He lifted her off his knee, and stood, walking her toward the bathroom. He leaned her against the wall of the darkened corner, kissing her. “Yours or mine?” he asked, nodding toward the bathroom doors.


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