Excerpt – Passion, Power, and Privilege [Adult content]

Passion, Power, and Privilege
Passion, Power, and Privilege

As he planted slow silky kisses on her neck and then her shoulder, her bra dropped to the plush carpet. She slipped his suit jacket off his shoulders and hung it over the armchair. Without kissing him, she silently removed each of his sterling silver cufflinks and placed them on the table. He watched as she leisurely opened each of the buttons on his tailored shirt and slipped it off of his broad shoulders.

“Take all the time you want,” he whispered playfully. “You’re the one who’s naked.”

Kate thoroughly enjoyed that he could make her laugh, even as she stood uncovered in front of him.

Pointing to his newly exposed undershirt, she feigned exasperation. “If I keep going, how many more layers am I going to discover?”

He grinned as he raised his arms and she slid her arms up his toned torso and lifted the cotton tee over his head. “They’re comfortable,” he responded, meekly.

“Oh, it’s comfortable!” Kate teased, as she pointed to the beaded dress resting on the armchair. “Of course, that designer makes that frock in flannel,” she paused looking up into his blue eyes, “but I opted for the satin and sequins, just to be more…comfortable.”

He grinned and swiftly pulled her to him. The touch of his bare skin against hers set off a surge of heat through her body. She kissed him playfully, letting her tongue dart about his lips and mouth. Her hands danced friskily up his arms and down his torso. As his hands fell from her shoulders and began caressing her breasts, and she felt an ache begin to grow. Kate gasped as he delicately circled her nipple with his middle finger. The rising temperature of his body activated the spicy layer of scent in his cologne and she inhaled the rich aroma as she nuzzled deep into his neck, licking and kissing him, trying desperately to fill the need that was growing.

Pulling away and fanning her face, Kate whispered, “Now, I understand what the saying hot and bothered, means.”

He leaned her against the armchair, and as he sensuously kissed her, pulling playfully at her nipple, knowing that it would invoke extreme pleasure. She bit her lip and pressed her eyes closed, savoring the shots of hot pleasure that coursed through her body.

“Care to find out what the saying, rode hard and put away wet, means?” he added friskily, bending to nuzzle her neck with his hot, damp lips.

Aroused by both his touch and his wit, she quietly moaned. Taking control, Kate walked him backward toward the chaise. She slipped the belt from his pants, and teased seductively, “Saddle up, Mr. Taylor, it’s time to ride.”

Kate slipped his pants and his boxers to the floor, and pushed him down to the lounger. She walked over to the nightstand, and selected a few squares from the black basket before walking back and dropping them at his side.

Shifting to the edge of the lounger, he grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him. He nuzzled her panties with his lips, and whispered huskily, “You won’t be needing these,” and he slipped them off. He murmured as he kissed her hips, appreciating the freshly groomed sight before him. “Girl…” he moaned as he nuzzled and slid his hands up the inside of each thigh, not needing to finish his sentence.

He lifted her knee and placing her foot on the lounger beside his thigh, slowly slipped his hand back to her pussy. Kate felt his warm breath on her stomach, and her nipples hardened in response. His strong fingers gently explored her pussy and she grasped his shoulders to both steady her balance and to release the sweet tension that was building.

His finger, moist with her juices, slid slowly around her clit. Her knees buckled, and she collapsed to the floor in front of him. “I wasn’t finished,” he murmured as she kissed him urgently and pushed him back against the chaise. She kissed her way to his hardened shaft and slipped her lips over his cock. Kate was giddy with desire as she swirled her tongue around before urgently taking him deep into her mouth. She twirled her tongue as she slid his hard cock in and out of her mouth.

He gasped as he grabbed the foil square beside him, and tearing open the package, lifted her chin to slip the latex over his hard shaft.

Studying his face, she eased onto the chaise, confidently straddling one knee on either side of him. Kate lowered her hips, throbbing in anticipation. His tip rubbed against her clit and she bit her lip holding back a moan. She whimpered as he slid into her, filling her. Currents of sensual electricity surged through her body.

“Take me, girl. All of me.”

Like waves in an ocean, she let her body rise and fall in a perpetual rhythm. His hands caressed her neck and shoulders, releasing tingling shivers. She took his cock deeper and deeper, slowly grinding against him. Her breathing grew shallow, and she suddenly shuddered as earth-shattering pleasure engulfed her. She leaned back, resting her hands on his knees. He was visibly enjoying the view of her flattened stomach and firm breasts as she increased her pace. Kate held his gaze until he slammed his eyes closed as his body twitched in delightful convulsions.

They sat quietly in each other arms without speaking, and in a state of complete relaxation, she began to drift.

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