Meet Austin

As an author, I thoroughly enjoyed creating the character, Austin Campbell.

As the lead character in Going the Distance, Austin is the kind of woman every man wants to date and every woman wants to be friends with.

“Austin is amazingly business savvy and career oriented. She knows what she wants, in her life and in the bedroom, and she doesn’t apologize for it. She’s not easily fazed. She’s a completely admirable, fun character to follow, and her marketing strategies were genuinely interesting to read about. It’s also great that Brett expresses interest in her career and thinks very highly of her writing and marketing abilities. Readers are absolutely going to be rooting for Austin from the get-go.”   ~Siren Bookstrand editor for Going the Distance.

Austin is a sexually intense lover. All or nothing. She’s also
determined, confident, fearless, poised, ambitious, and very intuitive.

I invite you to get to know Austin Campbell in Going the Distance.


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