Guest Post Passion, Power and Privilege Book Tour

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I’m hosting a guest post today by author Cara Addison, author of contemporary erotic romance “Passion, Power and Privilege”. Enjoy!

Title:  Who Knows Where Inspiration Comes From

I distinctly remember the moment I was inspired to start writing.  I was on a search for some summer reading material and began flipping through a number of books at my local library.  With two young children and a full-time career, I hadn’t indulged in a good novel in some time, and I was anxious to find a story that would whisk me away on a romantic adventure.  I scanned the book covers of some of my favorite authors before opening a novel by a relatively new author that I hadn’t yet encountered.  As I skimmed the pages, it occurred to me, that in my hiatus from reading, I’d conjured up characters and stories in my head.  I quietly wondered to myself, if the…

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