Author Interview by Majanka Verstraete

Majanka Verstraete recently hosted an interview with me as the author of contemporary erotic romance “Passion, Power and Privilege”. I enjoyed this interview and appreciate that Majanka posted it on her blog.

Cara AddisonWhen did you know you wanted to become an author?

In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to write numerous reports and create extensive documents, but until recently, I hadn’t taken the time to write a work of fiction.  For years, I’d considered the idea of writing a book, but didn’t take the notion seriously until the summer of 2013.  On a whim, I decided to write about the characters and stories that were in my mind.  With the encouragement of a few friends who read as I wrote, I continued down the path until Passion, Power, and Privilege was complete.

Honestly, I consider myself to be the ’Accidental Author’, mostly because I didn’t set out to write a manuscript for submission to a publisher.  I set out to express my thoughts and ideas in an experience that I found invigorating and cathartic.

Where did you get the inspiration for Passion, Power & Privilege?

Kate’s story in Passion, Power, and Privilege is a familiar one to so many people.  I would say that I was inspired to write about Kate based on the everyday experiences of those around me.  Grief, betrayal, and marital unhappiness isn’t uncommon.  I’ve seen many of my friends and acquaintances experience it in one way or another.  I wanted to write a smart, witty, and sexy story that women who have experienced those tumultuous life moments, could identify and be inspired by.  A story that fuels the hope of finding that special someone who compliments them, completes them, and loves them unconditionally.  And the hope of great sex.  Obviously.

What is your editing process like?

Editing is an ongoing experience for me.  Each day, I start off with writing new material.  Then, as a thought or a conversation or a chapter is completed, I begin the first edit by going back to re-read that section.  I’ll edit for grammar and spelling and then for content.There are days as a writer, that new material is sparse, and I’ll take the time to review large sections of the manuscript.  During this second edit, I often add detail, or trim paragraphs that don’t flow the way I’d like.I’m fortunate to have a few close friend that read each chapter, as I write.  Their input and suggestions contribute to another series of edits.  Sometimes these are subtle changes to add clarity, and sometimes they are significant edits to further develop a topic or scene.Once a manuscript feels like it’s complete, I print it out and sit down with a pen to read through the entire document.  It’s amazing how even after reviewing several times, errors can be found.  When those fixes have been made, the document is prepared and sent off to the publisher.  If the manuscript is accepted, the editing REALLY begins.  The publisher assigns a professional editor who thoroughly scans the document for content, punctuation, and typographic suggestions.  Twice.As a writer, I’m not entirely sure that the editing process is ever complete.  I think that every time I read my own writing, a new adjective or replacement verb comes to mind.

What was the most challenging part about writing Passion, Power & Privilege?

The finish.

I absolutely love Kate and Brad and I thoroughly enjoyed writing their life story.  There is a part of me that could just keep writing and writing about their adventures.  Writing that final chapter was bittersweet.


What are your writing goals for 2014?

2014 has me very busy on a number of projects in both my personal and professional life.  While those tasks are keeping me very busy, I would like to complete two separate manuscripts.

The first work is partially complete, but has been set aside while I wait for inspiration on how to resolve a conflict the characters are experiencing and bring the story to a happily ever after ending.

The second manuscript is currently taking shape in my mind.  The characters are becoming real, and a love story is taking shape.  I just need to find the time to transcribe what’s in my imagination and bring it to life.

What are you working on at the moment?

My writing priorities right now, are the promotion of my recently released novels.  Passion, Power, and Privilege was released in February 2014 and Going the Distance was released in March of this year.  I’m focused on promoting and marketing each novel, while still remembering to take time to celebrate the experience of becoming a published author.

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