Author Interview by Cassidy Crimson

Cassidy Crimson recently interviewed me during a book tour for “Passion, Power, and Privilege.”  Here is our interview.  You can find the entire post at Cassidy’s blog.

1)         Please tell us about yourself.

Cara AddisonProfessionally, I’m not only an author, but I’m also balancing a full time corporate career.  I’ve worked for most my career as a problem-solver for corporations and government.  As I write this, I’m simultaneously preparing for a press conference.  In many ways, I consider myself to be an ‘accidental author’, having started writing fiction just eight months ago.  I started writing as a personal challenge and a therapeutic exercise.  I think it’s safe to say, that I’m hooked.

Personally, I live in Canada and I’m the mother of two beautiful children.  Between school projects, sports, piano lessons, and play dates, they keep me very busy.  But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have a fantastic group of friends who love and encourage me in everything that I do and I can honestly say that without their support, this novel would never have been completed, let alone published.

I dedicated Passion, Power, and Privilege to my incredible friends who inspired this, the greatest chapter of my life.

2)         Tell us about your book.

Passion, Power, and Privilege is the story of Kate Callahan.  In spite of an empty marriage, Kate still manages to be an exciting, ambitious, driven, and clever woman who in spite of her wealth and privilege, decides to put her influence and ideas to work and pursues the job as Mayor of the City of Lowden.

When Kate finds herself suddenly single again, she continues to focus on the political arena where she meets Bradley Taylor.  Brad is handsome, successful, intelligent, and he enthusiastically supports Kate in her political campaign.  Brad is everything that Kate wants and needs in a partner.  Together, they discover that in spite of past hurts and betrayal, they find a love and an intense passion that they had forgotten existed.

3)         What inspired you to write Passion, Power and Privilege?

Kate and Brad didn’t have names in my mind, but long before I began to write, their characters were rambling around in my imagination.  As a busy mother, I’ve had little time to read or watch television.  Honestly, I haven’t seen a movie in almost nine years.  Most of my reading was dedicated to work related topics.  As a result, I found that I was creating fictional characters in my mind to amuse myself during the brief and occasional moments of peace.  Over time, a variety of scenes came together.

One day last summer, I was flipping through a popular romantic novel at the public library and as I scanned the pages, it occurred to me that the stories in my head were just as clever, intriguing, and erotic.  I took it as a personal challenge to sit down and write out a few paragraphs.  By the end of the afternoon, I had more than 3,500 words and I was hooked.  The rest of the story unravelled each and every day until a month later, I had a manuscript.

4)         How much time per week do you spend writing / editing your work?

At present, I’m incredibly busy with my corporate career and personal projects and only have five or six hours a week to dedicate to my writing.  When work isn’t as busy and I’m in full writing mode, I prefer to dedicate five to six hours a day to pouring out new material onto paper.

5)         If you could meet three authors, which authors would you choose?

It’s an eclectic group, but I’d choose John Grisham, the late Tom Clancy, and the late William Shakespeare.

6)         What are you working on at the moment? 

Since ‘Passion, Power, and Privilege’ was published, I’ve had another novel released.  ’Going the Distance’ was released in March 2014 and I’ve been working to promote both novels. 


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