Book Review – Crazy Sexy Hot: All in a Twist

Crazy Sexy Hot: All in a Twist (Adventures of a Real Life Player Book 3)

Author:  Max Steel

Published by:  Nightvision Publishing (Dec 10 2014)


Screenshot 2014-12-14 14.05.23Written in the first person from one point-of-view, reading this Max Steele short story is less like reading a fictional novella and more like sitting on a bar stool listening to the titillating real life encounters of the author while on vacation.
At 9,500 words, this is a quick and easy read that will not only leave you reaching beneath the sheets for your own release, it will more than likely leave you thinking your next vacation.

Synopsis:  Eye wateringly attractive? Yes. Amazing sex? Guaranteed.
Stable, sane and lucid? Not so much.
Disclaimer: This 9,500 word true story contains explicit sex scenes about the author’s adventures with beautiful women.

I don’t know what it was with that July – maybe the weather brought out the crazy in us all. First there was Victoria, a woman with a smoking hot body, big eyes and a love of teddy bears that was anything but innocent. Then there was Natalya, a Russian gymnast who’s mind was as bendy as her body. It turns out crazy can be very fun indeed…

Features handjobs, oral, 1 on 1 and some seriously crazy sexual positions (names have been changed to protect the guilty). All stories in the Adventures of a Real Life Player series can each be read independently, in any order.

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