Book Review – Letting Go

Letting Go

Written by:  Kelli Roberts and Richard Bacula

Published by:


Screenshot 2014-12-14 14.26.16Anastasia Munn is young, uneducated, and naive. When she stumbles into an administrative position at a law firm, she becomes infatuated with Jaxon Kent, a senior associate at the firm. Even though the sexually inexperienced heroine has been warned about his alternative sexual lifestyle, she pursues him relentlessly until she gives up, realizing the futility of her efforts. He’s just not interested in her type.

While written in the first person, and entirely from the female lead’s point of view, this story displays creativity and intrigue as we experience what Anastasia is experiencing, step by step through her exposure to the world of BDSM.

“Letting Go” is well written with exceptional attention to erotic details. I found the first few chapters a little slow in starting, but once I reached the fifth chapter, I was glad I’d stuck with it and found this story hard to put down.

For readers of contemporary erotica who are interested in taking a look inside the world of BDSM, “Letting Go” is the book for the job.

Book Synopsis:

Stasia has been attracted to Jaxon Kent since she started working at the same law firm. Over the past two years, this attraction has slowly grown into an obsession, but she’s heard strange rumors about Jaxon’s sex life. These rumors that make her think that he could never go for a normal girl like her.

She takes a desperate gamble that puts both her career and her heart at risk, maybe even more. Soon she finds herself caught up a new world of bondage and boundaries, of secret societies and sexual exploration.

What will she risk to be with Jaxon? How far will she go, and are the pleasures worth the price?

“Letting Go” is the first erotic novel published by, one of the web’s oldest and longest-running adult entertainment sites and premier online destinations for BDSM content. This intensely erotic novel was written by author, webmaster, and AVN nominated producer Kelli Roberts, along with talented author Richard Bacula. Together, they have presented a story that explores love and obsession, pleasure and pain, secrets and lies, and the ways that all of these things can intersect.

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