Book Review – One Night Stand

One Night Stand (Adventures of a Real Life Player Book 1)

Written by:  Max Steel

Published by: Nightvision Publishing (Nov. 10 2014)


Screenshot 2014-12-14 14.07.01A Hot Little Read

‘One Night Stand’ is exactly what this short story is about. Written in the first person from the male perspective, this erotic story contains lots of juicy details about a non-romantic encounter experienced during a getaway to New Zealand.
This is a quick and easy read that unless you’re dead below the waist, will leave you turned on and wondering why this doesn’t happen in real life.


Disclaimer: This 10,000 word true story contains explicit sex scenes about the author’s adventures with beautiful women.

Synopsis:  I was initially disappointed when I helped a friend pick up a sexy stranger – I’d wanted her for myself. My good deed was repaid though when I met a gorgeous nymphomaniac at a train station. She asked me back to her place and, well, the rest is too explicit to mention in the description! This story features handjobs, blowjobs, voyeurism and 1 on 1. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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