★★★★★ It’s is wonderfully funny, steam filled romp


It’s is wonderfully funny, steam filled romp
January 13, 2015
By Mel
This review is from: The Fortuitous Pen [Sequel to Going the Distance] (Siren Publishing Classic) (Kindle Edition)
Ms. Addison brings us the Sequel to going the Distance, note it stands very well on it’s own. (I did not read the first one). And was enthralled by this one. Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner met in the first installment and this is the story of them adjusting to life together. It’s is wonderfully funny, steam filled romp. It’s not just about the sex (although it was delightful, and my husband appreciated the inspiration).
Austin has given up her day job and moved to New York City, and write erotic novels. Brett, encourages this and is proud of her work. The characters are real and I found myself wishing they were my friends. It’s not all hearts and flowers but the nice thing about this one is that the problems are not in their relationship it is outside forces that they have to adjust to as they learn to be a couple.

Austin and Brett grow and become more enjoyable every step of the book, they learn to deal with family, friends and coworkers. Cara writes very strong characters and you want the HEA for them. If you like a wonderfully told romance, with believable people that have an extraordinarily healthy sex life. Hit the button this one is all of that and a piece of cake! I will be adding Cara Addison to my favorite authors!


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