★★★★★ Review: Hot sex and a plot, too!

Hot sex and a plot, too!
January 19, 2015
By Martin Rinehart

Hot sex and lots of it, between two very attractive people. An afternoon fling starts beside the hotel pool, quickly moves upstairs, lasts until morning and then becomes a week-long affair. They enjoy each other in every position and place imaginable. When it’s time for them to leave they don’t want to part.

They continue the affair alternating between her home in Toronto and his in New York. The sex is, if anything, even hotter as their time is shorter and the relationship… (Oops. Don’t want to spoil the plot.)

Rating: 4.6 of 5. Minus one because these lovers are too perfect. (He’s handsome, successful, self-confident; she’s lean, curvy, just as confident and succeeding at two careers simultaneously. They fit their designer clothes perfectly.) Plus one half because they grow into real people, with real issues, as the relationship gets more serious. And plus a tenth in case we need to round to the nearest whole number.

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