I Had a Nostalgic Moment Today

I had a nostalgic moment today.

One of my loyal fans has gone back in time to read my very first novel.
I often get messages from readers who send a comment or a question  as they read through any one of my five novels. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with readers and welcome their feedback.
We had just been talking about how civic minded Kate is as mayor in ‘Passion, Power, and Privilege.”  Generally speaking, Canadian mayors are civic minded and less corrupt than some American counterparts. Rob Ford being the exception, of course.
It was when I glanced at the next message which read, “Reading hot after dinner party sex 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”, that my eyes welled up with tears and I felt that familiar stinging sensation in my nostrils. I read the message over again before replying, “That was my very first fictional writing.”

My fan had reached chapter 4, the segment I had written on a whim as a personal challenge to myself just over a year ago. I was immediately taken back to that moment when I sat at my desk and poured out a scene that emanated in my imagination and flowed through my fingers and onto the screen in front of me. I could recall the rush of adrenaline I felt that day as a scene unfolded with relative ease.
I had never ever written fiction before. I didn’t even know if I knew how to write fiction properly, let alone write erotica.
That segment turned into a chapter and that chapter evolved into a book. My very first fictional writing endeavour. It was the tipping point to this new chapter of my life as a published author.
Today, I’m going to share my very first fictional writing experience with you.
Chapter 4, Passion, Power, and Privilege by Cara Addison, published by Siren Bookstrand on February 4, 2014. [contains adult content]
. . .

On Friday, January 20, Kate steered her Range Rover through Bradley’s neighborhood. The estate exuded painstaking attention to detail, which was clearly evident from the moment she entered through the wrought-iron gates. Even as the evening shadows were falling, she could detect meticulous landscaping and artistically created gardens surrounded by majestic mature trees, adding a comforting element of privacy. With a spacious driveway, there was already a car parked when she arrived. Assuming that Brad’s Mercedes sedan was parked in one of the bays of the three-car garage, she parked.

Kate checked the vanity mirror, and quickly added a swipe of tinted lip gloss before dropping her keys into her clutch purse and stepping out of the car onto the stamped concrete driveway. The evening air was cool, and she was thankful that she had thought to bring a cozy wrap.

Another car pulled in behind her, and she immediately recognized Thomas, a local banker, as he stepped out of the vehicle. He was recently divorced. He was accompanied by a twenty-something blonde that Kate hadn’t met before. For now, she decided to hold her judgment of her intellect and her ability to hold an engaging conversation.

As Thomas helped her from the car, Kate surmised that her name was something like Candie or Tammie and that she was likely one of those that signed her name with a heart instead of proper punctuation. Thomas greeted her enthusiastically and introduced her to Macie. She choked back a smirk at the accuracy of her presumption, and turned to the stunning custom-built home.

The entrance was the focal point, with a wing flanking each side of the entrance for dramatic flair. It was obvious that it contained multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. More than Bradley Taylor would ever need. The home was set back on a stunning private lot on one of Lowden’s most sought-after streets.

As they started up the stone stairs toward the expansive entrance, Kate admired the intricate wood-and-glass door that must have been custom made for the house. Seeing them through the glass, Brad opened the door and welcomed them in.

As coats were gathered, Brad bent slightly and greeted her with a kiss on each cheek, smiling warmly. He collected her wrap and escorted them from the expansive foyer, past the sweeping wrought iron staircase and into the spacious and tastefully decorated living room. The elegant open concept was accentuated by high ceilings, which contrasted against the Brazilian Jotoba hardwood floors.

Kate immediately recognized Scott Wilson and his wife Elisse, who had arrived ahead of her. Scott was a land developer, having grown his company from a small firm specializing in residential development to a well-established national company with expertise in residential, commercial, and industrial development. Elisse and Kate had been members at the country club for years, and they had met over lattes and lunch on many occasions to discuss issues Elisse faced as the executive director of a local charity. She greeted Kate with a welcome smile and handed her a glass of Prosecco, as Brad returned from the cloakroom to facilitate introductions.

The doorbell chimed, and Brad reluctantly excused himself to greet the new arrivals. Kate moved through the main room to the back of the house. The backyard of the home was nothing short of spectacular.

The interior of the home was spacious and elegant, yet clearly designed for modern living and for entertaining.

Returning to the great room, she was reacquainted with Dr. Patrick Munroe and his wife Kathleen shortly after they arrived, and as she glanced at the table settings, she quickly deduced that all of the guests were in attendance, and that everyone had a date, except her. Kate wondered again how strategic or intentional Bradley’s invitation had been. It appeared that this was indeed a date.

The room was quickly filled with conversation and introductions. Kate noticed that each and every male, including Thomas, inspected Macie up and down as she was introduced around the room. She was wearing a beautiful, albeit sheer and very low-cut little black dress. It clung to her twenty-something body.

Elisse shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes, and held up her hand in wonder as she glanced at her. “You’re supposed to be hot when you’re twenty. If she’s still hot when she’s forty, I’ll be more impressed.”

Kate was especially thankful that she had selected this particular dress to wear to the dinner party. She had picked it up on a trip to New York, and with her father’s illness and then the campaign, she hadn’t had a chance to wear the one-shoulder, royal blue sheath dress. The delicate fabric was ruched together over the shoulder and clasped with a pewter broach. A trail of excess silk fabric draped over her shoulder and extended below the hemline, flowing as she moved. She knew the creation hugged her body and complimented her height.

The chef of the evening was a longtime friend of Kate. Shawna appeared, carrying a beautiful display of oysters on the half shell. She winked at her as she passed by, and quietly murmured, “I insisted that we include oysters on the menu, when I heard you were coming. I know they’re a favorite.”

Oysters were indeed, a favorite. Served with a squeeze of lemon juice, champagne, hot sauce, or horseradish, it didn’t matter to Kate. She absolutely loved oysters. Knowing that Shawna had handpicked and shucked them made her certain they would be enjoyable.

Guests crowded around. Thomas offered an oyster to Macie, who visibly grimaced as she turned down the delicacy, claiming that she couldn’t possibly eat anything so slippery.

Elisse leaned over and dryly observed, “I suspect she’ll insist that Thomas indulge in something just as salty and wet a little later this evening.” She offered her glass, and Kate clinked it in a salute as she drew her hand to her lips to cover a grin.

Brad was chatting with Dr. Patrick and Kathleen, when Kate noticed him reach for an oyster. She took a sip of Prosecco and swallowed hard as she watched him lift the oyster to his mouth, expertly flick his tongue around the tender morsel, and close his mouth around it before swallowing. She had no idea if oysters had been proven to be an aphrodisiac, but watching Brad indulge was certainly increasing her desire.

Elisse saved her from herself and broke her stare as Brad reached for another oyster. “Take it easy, there. Don’t hurt yourself,” she quipped.

* * * *

After dinner, while the men played pool, Macie discovered that Kathleen managed a medical practice. It was the clinic where Kathleen had met Dr. Patrick, several years earlier. Elisse and Kate endured Macie’s bombardment on Kathleen as she prodded her for medical advice, while delivering an excruciatingly detailed account of her personal medical issues. Kathleen tried to interject and delicately explain that she was the business manager of the clinic, not a medical practitioner, but she feared Macie would shift her attention, and inquisition, to her husband, and so she sacrificed herself in an effort to save him from the torture.

Just before ten o’clock, Thomas collected a rather tipsy Macie, and saying good-bye to their host, began making their way to the door. Patrick voiced what Kate was thinking when he jabbed, “Be sure to have her home before curfew.”

As he escorted Macie to the door, Thomas turned and glared over his shoulder at those who remained in the room.

It wasn’t long before Patrick and Kathleen gathered their belongings. Elisse hugged her good-bye as she and Scott prepared to leave. “Be good,” she chided, with a wry smile.

As Brad walked his guests to the door, Kate began gathering glasses and napkins.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Brad inquired as he walked back into the billiard room, taking a set of glasses from her hand.

“Just tidying up,” Kate responded, as she walked the remaining glasses over to the bar. “I’ve hosted enough parties to know that they rarely clean themselves up,” she responded, jokingly.

Kate heard Brad say, “I’m sorry,” and she turned to see what he could possibly be apologizing for. “I invited you tonight because I wanted to spend time getting to know you, and I’ve spent the entire evening focused on my hosting duties.” Realizing he was beginning to ramble, he paused before continuing. “Stay for a while?”

He poured himself a generous scotch, neat. “Join me?” he asked. Kate picked up her glass of white wine, which was still half-full, indicating that she was fine. He walked across the room and picked up a pool cue. “I didn’t get to play all evening,” he said as he selected a second cue. “Shoot a quick game with me?” he invited as he walked the cue over to her.

She was by no means a pool shark, but had played enough times to understand the fundamentals of the game. She accepted the cue, smiling outwardly, all the while hoping inwardly that she wouldn’t make a complete fool of herself.

Brad took the break shot and with a powerful stroke, sent the balls scattering around the table. With a ball dropping into the corner pocket, Brad lined up for a second shot when he inquired, “Did you have an enjoyable evening?”

Kate had, but chose her words carefully before responding. “It was lovely.” She paused before continuing, “The food was amazing, although I’m not surprised. Shawna is exceptionally talented. How did you convince her to cater a private party?”

As he sunk his second shot, he responded, “I had the winning bid for a dinner-for-eight package at last month’s silent auction for the new Institute of Technology.”

Kate had followed the Institute’s expansion, and was intrigued that Bradley had gotten so involved in Lowden so quickly. In lining up his third shot, Kate realized she might have to cause a distraction to result in an error. He was about to connect with the ball, when she unfairly interrupted, “Macie was a delight.”

He narrowly missed the mark and with a laugh, stood up and pointed at her and accused, “That was dirty pool.”

“That,” she replied flirtingly, “was not even close to dirty.” She smiled mischievously as she stepped forward to survey the table. She was left with a few choice shots. She slipped off her Jimmy Choos, keenly aware that he was watching her.

“That’s a pity,” he said as he pointed at her discarded shoes. “I was enjoying those.”

Kate lined up to take her shot. She glanced up before taking the shot, and knew from his expression that he was trying to distract her.

“Lovely toe cleavage,” he added as she executed her shot.

In spite of his efforts, the ball plunked square into the pocket, and she brushed by him to take a second shot. His cologne was tantalizing as it permeated her nostrils, an earthen blend of leather and spice, making her feel delightfully unsteady as she slowly continued around the table. With the perfect amount of alcohol in her system to calm her nerves, she easily sunk a second shot.

“I had no idea of your amateur status,” Brad quipped as she re-chalked her pool cue. Kate was trying not to visibly show her attraction to him, and she took a sip of wine while surveying the table. The easy shots were gone, and she knew her run was over. She took a difficult shot, knowing she had a minimal chance of sinking the ball, but hoping she’d place the cue ball in an awkward position for her opponent’s next shot.

Brad brushed by her on his way to the other end of the table, and placing his hand on her elbow, lingered briefly as he whispered, “Nice shot.” Her knees weakened just a little as he continued to the end of the table. He expertly navigated her trap, and lined up his next shot.

His face grew serious. “All kidding about Marci aside,” he said as the ball dropped, “I am concerned about Thomas. I’ve known him for years, and this is very uncharacteristic behavior.”

“First of all, I’m pretty sure her name was Macie, not Marci,” Kate interjected. He smiled bashfully and shrugged.

“This is the third very young lady he’s dated since his divorce.”

As he continued to clear the pool table, Kate questioned, “Do you remember eating marshmallows as a kid?”

He peered intently at her, wondering what on earth Thomas’s dalliances possibly had in common with marshmallows.

Undaunted, Kate continued, “Don’t you remember that as a kid, you could pile back the marshmallows? There were never enough?” She paused as he took another shot, and continued when he looked up at her, desperately seeking the logic in her explanation.

“Now, try and remember the last time you had a marshmallow as an adult. I’m willing to bet it was over a campfire,” she said as she walked to her wine glass on the sidebar and took another sip, “You savor every bite of the first marshmallow you’ve had in years. It’s pretty good, right?” Brad nodded in response, re-chalking his cue, still holding a quizzical look on his face. “You try another bite. It’s good, but not nearly as satisfying as you remembered. You eventually try a third bite, but you’re done.” Kate paused. “They aren’t at all like you remembered.”

Brad laughed as he said, “Are you comparing Marci, or Macie,” he quickly corrected, “to a marshmallow?”

“My point is,” Kate continued as she walked back to where he stood at the pool table, “is that soon…very soon, Thomas is going to realize that the marshmallow he remembers is really just an unsatisfying piece of puffed-up sugar and gelatin, and that if he’s going to cook over a campfire, he’d much prefer a well-aged steak.”

Her quirky analogy now made sense. Standing quietly, Brad sighed a long sigh, and shrugging his shoulders said, “I hope you’re right, Kate, I really hope you’re right.”

He lifted his gaze. Kate followed his eyes as they travelled up her dress, eventually meeting her eyes. His expression was intense. Leaning forward, he very slowly and softly let his lips meet hers. After a long moment, their lips parted and he leaned his forehead against hers. He lingered, silently, before stepping back. Kate slowly licked her lips as he cornered the table and lined up for his final shot, savoring the taste of scotch that remained. She took a deep breath to clear her head. The eight ball sunk into the pocket, and he walked back to her and leaned against the table beside his glass.

He gazed into her eyes as he slowly took a drink. She stared into his steely blue eyes and resisted the urge to make a move.

Setting down his drink, he reached out his hand and motioned her toward him. Kate cautiously stepped forward, still holding her pool cue. He slipped his hand onto her waist, pulling her in. She slithered her bare foot between his. She could feel his toned quadriceps against her thigh, and was greeted with evidence of his arousal.

“Witty, clever, and beautiful,” he murmured as he kissed her. His lips lingered, and she savored each tingle as it rushed through her body.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” he murmured as he slipped in another tentative and teasing kiss.

“Y–you have?” she stammered, leaning back just enough to catch his gaze.

He slipped his hand up her arm, gliding across her bare shoulder to the nape of her neck, and pulled her back in, continuing to kiss her, slowly, tentatively exploring her mouth with his tongue before responding. Kate marveled at how effortlessly he drew out such intense pleasure in her.

“I’ve been attracted to you since the moment that I met you,” he admitted, as he paused between kisses. “Given your circumstances,” he punctuated with a soft kiss, “I thought it less than prudent to complicate your life further.”

Kate was speechless. She’d desired this man from a distance, not having a clue that he felt the same way.

With a sleepy smile, she leaned in, letting her tongue slip between his lips and kissed him. With an increasing urgency and desire, she left the pool cue leaning against the table, and let her hands explore his body. She let her hands wander up the arms of his tailored shirt and down his torso. He was fit. Very fit. It was mesmerizing.

As he explored her long, slender neck with his tongue and lips, he slowly slid his hand from her waist, inching up the fabric of her dress and deftly caressed her breast. She moaned with dizzying pleasure, and gasped for air.

“You liked that?” he murmured in a husky voice, knowing the question had already been answered. He hungrily kissed her bare shoulder and she tossed her head back in absolute pleasure.

Kate could feel her breasts swell with desire, and her nipples pressed against the silk fabric. The ache between her legs was growing.

He continued to caress her breasts as he unzipped her dress. He slipped the broached fabric away, and the willowy sheath floated to the floor.

With focus and intensity, Kate removed his tie, discarding it on the pool table. She skillfully unbuttoned his collar, releasing a waft of his increasingly delicious scent, and let one hand fall to his waist. She nimbly released his belt buckle, undid the buttons, and slid down the zipper to his pants. Stealing her hands between his pants and his hips, she slipped off his tailored dress pants.

She urgently kissed his lips before moving to unbutton his shirt. Her lips followed each button with a lingering kiss on his taut chest. As she descended, he deftly removed her bra and dropped it to the floor. She yearned to feel her skin pressed against his hot flesh.

Halfway to her destination, her breasts brushed up against his boxers, and she moaned as the delicate cloth brushed against her nipples. She continued releasing his shirt buttons, licking and kissing until she reached his navel. Kate moaned as she discovered a tantalizing trail of dark hair that she knew would guide her to her destination. She inhaled his scent, and glancing up, nibbled and kissed her way to his boxers.

His hard cock was pressing visibly against the fabric.

Overwhelmed with pleasure, he gasped. “Wha…what are you doing?”

Kate raised an eyebrow, and he knew immediately what her intentions were. He braced against the table and moaned.

She pulled the waistband of his boxers over him and they slipped to the floor. Delighted with the neatly groomed sight before her, she gently pushed his knees apart and kissed his inner thigh. He was watching her every move, and moaned as her hands slipped between his legs to cup him. As her fingers playfully swirled, she licked and then kissed each beautiful sack. He was trembling with pleasure and she noticed he had let off a droplet of fluid. He was about to wipe it away, when she brushed his hand away, murmuring, “Leave it.”

He bit his lip, stifling a moan.

Kate was intoxicated by his pleasure. She could feel that her panties were damp with desire.

Looking into his eyes, she slowly kissed her way up his long, hard shaft and when she reached the head, she softly licked away his cum before swirling her tongue around his head. She paused, and with his eyes begging for more, she slipped her lips over his tip and took him into her mouth, sucking lightly. He whimpered and trembled. She throbbed, knowing she had complete control over his whole body, just by using her tongue. She knew that if she stopped, he would beg her to continue.

Kate twirled her tongue around his head again, stroking the rim with increasing pressure. He shuddered. She alternated between swirling and flicking and pressing her tongue against him, before taking all of him into her mouth. His knees buckled slightly as he gently brushed her hair back from her face, to watch. She sucked on him and gently grasped the base of his organ. Kate watched his face as she rhythmically continued to take him deep in her mouth while massaging her hand up and down his shaft. His breathing deepened, and his moans increased in urgency. His hands gripped the edge of the table as his muscles contracted and a gush of hot liquid hit her throat.

Dizzy with pleasure, she swallowed.

She gently sucked and licked him as he softened. As she rose, Kate reached for his glass of scotch. She held his gaze as she took a long pull of the warm, smoky liquor and let it wash the salty liquid down her throat.

That,” she whispered in his ear, “is how we play dirty pool!”

He pulled her in, and nuzzling into her neck, whispered, “That was extraordinary…amazing…and totally…surprising,” punctuating each word with a kiss.

* * * *

Kate slid her hand up his body, and began to slide his shirt off his shoulder. As she hungrily kissed his skin, he knew immediately that she was still burning with need.

He slid his hands down her sides and slipping her panties over her hips, he dropped them to the floor. He let his fingers explore, and as he discovered her warm juices, she moaned.

His eyes widened. “Damn, girl, that made you wet!”

Kate sheepishly smiled and kissed him.

He led her to the sofa and laid her down. She pressed her back against the cushions, making room for him beside her.

As he kissed her, his hand found her breasts. He lightly traced his fingertips around and around and then began tracing her nipple. She ached for more. Kate moaned as he brushed and squeezed her nipple with his strong, soft fingers.

Even though his own body was exhausted, her response urged him on. Gently biting her bottom lip, he pulled away and slowly kissed and licked his way down to her breasts. Finding a hard nipple, he brushed it along his lips before softly licking and kissing.

The pleasure was exquisite.

His hand pushed between her legs, and he urgently pressed his hand up her thigh. She shuddered as his fingers slowly spread hot liquid around her swollen lips. She whimpered and squirmed as his mouth tugged gently at her nipple. He slid his wet finger around her clit, and she gasped as she grabbed hold of the sofa. Still kissing her breasts, he looked up at her eyes, very pleased with the effect his efforts were having on her. He increased the intensity of his swirling fingers, and she dropped her hand, running her fingers through his hair.

Kate ached for him. She wanted to take him inside her and feel him thrust against her. “I want you,” she begged as she pulled him toward her.

“Not yet,” he whispered as he took another gentle tug on her nipple.

She writhed with pleasure under the increasing pressure of his fingers. Her breath began to shorten. She arched her back, pressing her hips against his hand. He increased pressure and intensity to match her moaning, and suddenly, she was flooded with a wave of pleasure that pulsated through her entire body.

She slowly relaxed, feeling the powerful and pleasure-filled contractions subside as he released the delicate pressure of his fingers.

Light beads of sweat had formed on her abdomen, and his hand slid effortlessly up her body. They lay there tangled and entwined together.

After a few moments, he took in a deep breath and reluctantly spoke. “It’s getting late.”

“Lucky for you, I don’t have a curfew,” she responded with a smile.

He responded with a big grin, and then paused before continuing, “I’m not sure whether to be grateful or greedy.” He pondered as he looked up at the ceiling.

It took her a moment to process that in his delicate way, he was wondering if he should send her home, or ask her to stay for more.

“I think,” she responded in a more serious tone, “that you can be both.”

He looked at her, not completely sure that they were talking about the same thing.

“Brad.” She paused. “We’ve both been through an emotional ringer the past number of months. I think that we are both entitled to a little…” She paused again, searching for the right word. “Indulgence.”

“I like that,” he said with a grin. “Indulgence is a much better word than greed.”

Kate grinned and sighed.

“So,” he added, propping himself up on one elbow, “could I indulge you in a tour of my bedroom?”

“I would be delighted,” she said, smiling with her eyes.

As he stood, he pulled her from the sofa, and pulling her to him, planted a long delicious kiss on her. As they left the room, she quickly scooped up her pile of discarded clothing in one arm, and holding his hand, followed him to his bedroom.

He led her up the sweeping staircase.

His bedroom was large, and tastefully decorated in masculine tones. Her bare toes sunk into the plush carpet. The king-sized bed was the focal point of the room, with a desk and chair in one corner, and a small seating area with an armchair and handsome chaise lounge with side table in the other.

Kate placed her clothes on the lounge chair and followed him to the bed.

“Protection?” she inquired, rubbing her hands together.

“Your candor is refreshing.” He grinned as he pulled her closer.

He reached into the nightstand and pulled out a square wrapper containing latex.

“Is this the only one?” she asked incredulously as she pointed to the drawer.

He raised his eyebrow and grinned. “How many do you think we need?” he replied as he pulled back the comforter to reveal a set of luxurious sheets.

Still wearing his shirt, she gently pushed him down onto the sheets and with a quizzical expression on her face, asked him, “When you travel, do you take just one credit card?”

“No, of course not,” he responded, pulling off his shirt and tossing it to the floor.

“Right,” she responded as she began crawling onto the bed. “You travel with at least two credit cards and you tuck one away in a safe place,” she continued, “just…in…case….”

“Girl,” he responded as he pulled her into his bed, “you weave together the most interesting stories.”

Kate noticed this was the second time he had referred to her as “girl,” and deciding she adored it, she leaned in to kiss him passionately as she slipped her feet under the sheets.

As she silently ran her hands over his chest, she inspected her new playground. His body showed very few signs of being fifty. His toned body still bore a tan from his winter vacation, and she grew increasingly aroused.

He was amused and awakened by her curiosity. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Very much,” she purred. “You’re not?” she asked with a suggestive glance.

He pulled back the sheets that had been sitting across his waist and she noticed that he was beginning to stir. ”Asked and answered.” She smiled.

Kate wanted desperately to feel him harden in her mouth. Smiling naughtily, she slid down between his legs and slipping her tongue around his cock and pulled him into her mouth. He increasingly hardened and after a few moments of writhing in pleasure, he pulled her to his mouth and kissed her hard.

“You,” he exclaimed, “are full of surprises.” His eyes were ablaze with pleasure and passion. She was smitten.

He rolled her onto her back, placing his leg over her knee.

“No fair,” she protested, realizing that with his strength, he had her pinned.

They kissed as his fingers danced across her breasts. Kissing his way down her neck, he watched her nipples harden without having touched them. He slid down and pulled a nipple into his mouth. She moaned deeply as shots of pleasure coursed through her body. He was more aggressive than he had been in the billiard room, moments earlier. He licked and kneaded her breasts as his want and his need increased.

She could feel his cock against her thigh.

He continued teasing her nipples with his tongue while his fingers, moist with her juices, caressed her pussy. She let out a whimpering cry as he slid a finger inside her, exploring until she throbbed.

“I want you,” she cried urgently as she clutched the sheets.

He reached for the nightstand and picked up the precious piece of latex. Swiftly rolling it into place, he leaned over her and gently spread her legs. She placed her hands on his hips, and pulled him toward her.

“Slowly,” he whispered, increasing her hunger for him.

Kate watched, biting her lip as his swollen head slipped inside her warm, wet pussy. She shuddered. Knowing that she was watching, he murmured as he slowly pressed his cock inside her. His eyes met hers as he slid deeper and deeper with each long slow thrust of his hips. Wet, hot flesh joined together as pleasure crashed over her, and she thought she might explode from the intense pleasure of having him fill her pussy so completely.

He moved slowly at first. His strong arms flexed at her sides as he gradually increasing his pace and intensity. With each thrust, his pelvis pushed against her, arousing intense pleasure. They were joined together as one body, throbbing and pulsating with and against each other.

He breathlessly whispered, “Come with me, Kate.”

Hearing him utter her name, she let out a scream as ripples of indescribable pleasure pulsed through her. Her toes curled tightly as she felt his body tighten and then release as he exploded hot liquid into her.

He slowed, and gently slipped from her as he lowered himself to the sheets beside her. They lay together, completely spent. He pulled the sheets up and drew her into his strong arms. She rested her head on his chest.

They lay silently for a long time before he propped himself up on one elbow and, pushing her hair back, revealed, “If I’d have known how incredible this evening would turn out, I’d have asked you out a long ago.”

“Would you?” she responded, furrowing her brow.

They both knew that even a few short months earlier, neither of them had been in a space to appreciate a new lover.

“No,” he paused as he ran his finger down her shoulder. “This was meant to happen in the fullness of time.”


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