★★★★★ for Every Second Weekend


January 26, 2015
Martin Rinehart

ca-everysecondweekend-fullFirst, this is a Cara Addison novel, which means there is hot sex and lots of it, between two very attractive people. But this time, the heroine (CJ) and her hero (Dale) are middle-class with a full set of quite normal problems. He teaches high-school English. She juggles a job, two kids, one cat and a divorced husband.

Every second weekend (and one night a week) the ex-husband takes the kids; CJ and Dale take each other. Their torrid affair marches from lust at first sight toward happily ever after, but not without a full set of plot twists along the way. (Will the kids accept their mother’s first boyfriend? Will CJ have sex with Dale’s identical-twin brother, who pretends to be Dale? And then there are the accidents.)

Rating: 5 of 5. The writing is Addison’s best yet. CJ is strong, sexy and has a great sense of humor. She goes hiking with Dale in Skechers, not designer shoes. But can you guess what they’ll do when they come to that secluded spot on the trail? Hint: It’s a Cara Addison novel.


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