PRESS RELEASE: Cara Addison Publishes Fifth Novel

Canadian author has fifth novel published in a year

London, Ontario, Canada – February 6, 2015

Canadian author, Cara Addison, is celebrating the release of her fifth novel in less than a year. As a newcomer to the literary world, Addison is thrilled with the response to her writing.

ca-passionpowerandprivilege-fullSitting down to write as a personal challenge to herself, Addison found herself submitting her first novel, Passion, Power, and Privilege‘ to her publisher just thirty days after Kate Callahan and Bradley Taylor materialized in her imagination. Addison admits that she was hooked. While she waited for a response, she continued to write, starting an entirely new manuscript ca-goingthedistancewith all new characters, setting, and plot. Within a month she had a second novel ready for submission. On the exact day that she submitted Going The Distance, the Texas based publisher, Siren Bookstrand emailed the news that she would become a published author.

You might wonder what sets Addison’s writing apart from others in this genre. Addison’s friends and colleagues will tell you that she’s both and humorous and hilarious often delivering perfectly timed quips that leave them in stitches. This cleverly timed humor transitions to Addison’s writing where her characters are delightfully witty and engaging, especially for characters in the romance genre. “It’s a wonderfully funny, steam filled romp,” said one 5-star review.

Additionally, Addison has made the strategic decision to write her books with a male reader in mind. With a focus on the sexual and relationship adventure, Addison writes scenes and situations that women love, but men need and desire. This distinction has caught the attention of reviewers who have said, “not only a good read for women but you men out there would love this book!”

These two distinctive writing styles have paid off. When you scroll through the reviews of Addison’s work it’s evident that both men and women are taken by the humorous dialogue between smart, sophisticated, and sexy characters.

Remarkably, Addison has managed to juggle her career, motherhood, and the creative process of writing. In the past twelve months, this literary newcomer has written and published a total five full-length novels. According to this prolific author, a sixth is in the works.

Addison admits that she’s hooked on the creative process and has learned to enjoy the added effort of creating an online presence to engage with her fans. Starting with twitter and goodreads, and then adding a facebook page, Addison has cultivated a loyal following of readers who enjoy the opportunity to engage with the author as the read. Today, Addison and her books can be found on countless sites, book blogs, and online book retailers including Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Nobel, iTunes, Google Books, and more.

Reviews of her novels have been exceptional, repeatedly obtaining 4-star and 5-star ratings along with supportive comments.

According to Addison, “Writing has been cathartic. Becoming published has been exhilarating. This journey isn’t over. Another manuscript is already in the works.”

Cara’s novels include:
Passion, Power, and Privilege
Going The Distance
The Fortuitous Pen [Sequel to Going The Distance]
Every Second Weekend
Loans Lust and Lies

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