The Sultry Politician: 5 Star Review for ‘Passion, Power, and Privilege’

The sultry politician, March 6, 2015
By D. Roberts “Hadrian12”
This review is from: Passion, Power, and Privilege (Siren Publishing Classic) (Paperback)
ca-passionpowerandprivilege-fullKate Callahan is a tough, strong minded and clever 40-something woman who is running to be mayor of a mid-sized city. Unlike most politicians, she is not seeking an office @ City Hall simply to appease her ego. Nope, Kate actually has plans for her hometown. Big plans. She wants to transform its dated infrastructure into an eco friendly / techno friendly / business friendly environment.

Kate is in a troubled marriage that unfortunately counts as “baggage” in her political aspirations as opposed to being an asset that demonstrates stability. During her campaign, she happens across a charming middle aged fellow named Brad. Brad is a rare breed indeed: he is wealthy, handsome, buffed up & handsome, yet he is not(!) an arrogant jerk. Whoa! They immediately have an unmistakable attraction for each other.

The story is panoramic as Kate travels to New York, Las Vegas & a tropical island getaway on a private jet. To be sure, this is a book of erotica rather than a Romance novel. The intimate scenes are unvarnished, uncensored and unapologetic in their graphic depictions. If you’re looking for a book that’s all about 2 lovers holding hands, making out & having candlelight dinners, then this novel is not for you.

My primary criticism of the story is that I don’t get a lucid image of what Kate looks like. Or, for that matter, how the other main female characters appear. All I know about Kate is that she is fairly tall for a woman, she is slender and she is ostensibly very attractive. It’s unknown whether she has short hair or long hair or what color her hair is. Some more subtle descriptive comments would have been quite helpful. In a book such as this, it makes a bigger difference to envision the appearance of the people in the story than it would in other genres. On the other hand, she goes into great detail in describing Brad, so perhaps that will suffice for female readers.

All-in-all, however, this is a spicy read & a fun read. Kate is a professional by day & totally uninhibited by night ~ my kind of girl! If Romantic erotica is your gig, then this one is worth a read.

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