Earn a FREE e-copy of ‘Loans Lust and Lies’

Here’s a little excerpt from ‘Loans, Lust, and Lies’
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EXCERPT: The tall and intimidating security officer inspected her business card and then her identification, eyeing her from hair to hemline before punching her information into the computer. He mused to himself that on days like these, he enjoyed checking out the tall attractive women who visited the building. He preferred blondes, but there was something mesmerizing about the brunette in front of him.

He had watched her stride confidently toward him, carrying an
attractive leather attaché case. It fit perfectly with her ensemble that was both corporate in look, but also very, very sexy. Or maybe it’s just the woman wearing the clothes, he thought as the visitor pass printed out. He handed her the heavy plastic security pass and pointed her toward the bank of elevators at the far end of the lobby. “Those elevators will take you directly to the executive suite. You’ll need to swipe that card to activate the elevator car. Once inside, you’ll need to swipe it again to close the door.”

Aubreigh nodded. “Thank you,” she added with a warm smile.
She clipped the pass to her lapel and walked toward the executive
elevator. She could feel the security guard’s eyes on her ass as she walked away. She’d read his facial expressions, determining that he had taken notice to her physical attributes, admiring her cleavage a moment longer than appropriate. She turned her head in his direction and smiled wryly at the accuracy of her prediction.


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