The Story Behind The Story: Indulging Her Fantasy

ca-indulgingherfantasy-fullAs always, there is a story behind the writing of each story. This book is no exception.

It never occurred to me to write a story about a woman’s journey of discovery as it relates to participating in a bukkake. Here’s how it came about…
Without Dave, this book would not have been written. When David pitched the idea of a full-length novel about a bukkake to me, the unique story of a woman’s journey of sexual self-discovery gripped my attention. As I pondered the idea of a story that explored a confident and capable woman’s willingness to participate in a bukkake, I knew this book had to be written.
Dave is a reviewer. He came across one of my other novels and offered to review it. When he had finished reading the book, he sent me an email to let me know a review had been posted.
Dave added to the email by saying,

“There is an idea I have had that I thought would make for a “new frontier” of sorts for erotic storytelling. Beware, it’s a bit extreme….”

He went on to explain there was a shortfall of authentic full length stories on the subject.

“There are bukkake short stories on E-books that are written by women & they’re available at Typically, they’re about naive women in their young 20s who are down-on-their-luck and desperate to make some quick $$.”

My first reaction on that Sunday afternoon was a little like Aurora’s. Shock. Then, my wheels started turning as a flow of story began to take shape in my mind. An hour after reading Dave’s thoughts, I sent a reply.

“Your book concept is an interesting one. Those are the type of ideas that rattle around in my mind and I end up toning down for a universal audience.
Most women are repulsed by the idea of a bukkake because they are being used for someone else’s pleasure. If the pleasure can be shown as mutual, the story becomes very powerful.
The heroine’s exploration into her own pleasure could be highly erotic. It could start with a solo act with her partner that escalates to a three-some as she explores her own desires.
There is no limit to where it goes from there.
Writing the backstory as to why, would be easy. It’s not uncommon in the corporate world to get a little bored at times. You’ve broken the glass ceiling and when there’s no new challenge, it’s easy to get blasé.
For me, it’s why I started writing. I needed a new personal challenge. In this case, the heroine may not realize it, but this is her new personal challenge. A new rush. Her new high.
I’m certainly not prepared to jettison your idea. There’s something there if written properly.”

I started writing Indulging Her Fantasy the very next day.
Dave, for your suggestions, input, and feedback, I am deeply grateful. They have made this fictional writing as authentic as it can be. This book, is dedicated to you.

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