The Marshmallow vs. The Well Aged Steak

I was thinking this morning about the difference between dating a much younger guy versus a mature man and it immediately reminded me about this excerpt from my first novel.  In Passion, Power, and Privilege, Kate (42) is on her first date with Brad (50) and he’s expressing his concern for a mutual friend who has dated a string of not-so-smart younger women.

“This is the third very young lady he’s dated since his divorce.”

As he continued to clear the pool table, Kate questioned, “Do you remember eating marshmallows as a kid?”

He peered intently at her, wondering what on earth Thomas’s dalliances possibly had in common with marshmallows.

Undaunted, Kate continued, “Don’t you remember that as a kid, you could pile back the marshmallows? There were never enough?” She paused as he took another shot, and continued when he looked up at her, desperately seeking the logic in her explanation.

“Now, try and remember the last time you had a marshmallow as an adult. I’m willing to bet it was over a campfire,” she said as she walked to her wine glass on the sidebar and took another sip, “You savor every bite of the first marshmallow you’ve had in years. It’s pretty good, right?” Brad nodded in response, re-chalking his cue, still holding a quizzical look on his face. “You try another bite. It’s good, but not nearly as satisfying as you remembered. You eventually try a third bite, but you’re done.” Kate paused. “They aren’t at all like you remembered.”

Brad laughed as he said, “Are you comparing Marci, or Macie,” he quickly corrected, “to a marshmallow?”

“My point is,” Kate continued as she walked back to where he stood at the pool table, “is that soon…very soon, Thomas is going to realize that the marshmallow he remembers is really just an unsatisfying piece of puffed-up sugar and gelatin, and that if he’s going to cook over a campfire, he’d much prefer a well-aged steak.”



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