★★★★★ OMG!!! This book is HOT!!!

OMG!!! This book is HOT!!!
July 18, 2015
CC sequelThis review is from: Going the Distance (Siren Publishing Classic) (Kindle Edition)
From the first chapter, this book is SIZZLING! Brett and Austin meet in a surprising way, but they sizzle between the sheets, on the couch, at the night club, etc. I love how she inspires through her sex life with Brett through her writing and that Brett and her inspire her writing. The passion they have for each other inspires my husband and I as well.
I love Austin’s boldness and how she is so comforatable with her own sexuality. This story has some very adventurous sex scenes and two very passionate people, who want it often and anywhere they happen to be. It is a read that should require a warning that it may be too hot to read in public or you may be squirming in your seat.
DANG!!! SO HOT!!!!!!
 July 18, 2015
Wow! You would think Brett and Austin might settle into living together and their passion for each other would dwindle, nope, not at all!! In fact, I think they are hotter than they were in “Going the Distance.” This sequel allowed us to learn more about who Brett and Austin are, on top of appreciating their passion for each other. I thought my Ipad was going to overheat with as hot as Brett and Austin can get.
I believe that this should have come with a warning about reading in public, do not read unless comfortable with squirming in your seat through the good parts!! A great and fun read.

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