★★★★★ for Beyond The Chute

Erika Daman‘s review

Read on July 24, 2015


FullSizeRender_2Totally loved this story! Cody was a respectable cowboy, but couldn’t resist his best friend’s kid sister, Mia. However Cody soon realized he was thinking with the wrong body part. He continued to have good rides and started to notice the TV reporter who was covering the rodeo. Jaimie is a rising star in the broadcasting world, but she has a no fraternizing clause in her contract and she doesn’t want to get fired for some cowboy. However, as she gets to k ow Kody that determination gets harder and harder until one night when she had a bit too much to drink and runs into Kody who wants to get her home safely. In the end she doesn’t want him to leave and that night changes everything between them. The closer they get the more difficult it is keep their secret and when Kody gets her to come to the ranch to get away and to get outside hotel rooms, it’s great until Mia comes over and she not only gets jealous, she is pissed. Does this mean the end for Kody and Jaimie? Will Jaimie lose her job?
I enjoyed the characters in this story. Kody seemed like a really good guy, minus his sleeping with Mia. I am curious as to what happened with Wade and will there be a spin off with this bad boy? Jaimie was very sweet and it is great for a female to be successful in the world of sports broadcasting. Let me tell you that Jaimie and Kody were HOT HOT HOT! Between the sheets! Wowzers and very steamy!
Great read In an evening

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