Karen Hrdlicka‘s review

July 17, 2015
bytheriverCowboy romances are one of my go to sub genres to read. I adore the characteristics that a true cowboy exhibits. They are every bit the gentleman in their Wranglers and Stetsons as the business man in his Armani suit. I live smack dab in the middle of the U.S. so I see cowboys on a regular basis. Ms. Addison’s Beyond the Chutes gives the reader a behind the scenes glimpse of not only cowboys but the rodeo lifestyle of the Canadian professional circuit.
Kody is a four time Canadian all around rodeo champ. The previous season, his last ride snatched a fifth title from his grasp and could have been career ending. Kody fights back from his injury to compete again, however he often struggles with the lingering after effects of the event. Kody exemplifies the perfect cowboy, most of the time, but like everyone he makes mistakes. He is, after all, a man and beautiful women are found following the rodeo circuit or competing. He does his best to rectify a bad situation which could cost him his best friend carefully and honestly. He is a humble winner, a tough competitor and a man who loves his family. I like his character, he is smart, hard working, funny, and sexy as hell.

Jaimie McDonald is a talented sportscaster who suddenly shows up on the rodeo circuit. I like Jaimie’s character, she is hard working and doesn’t let the men in her industry or the cowboys push her around. The moment they meet the chemistry ignites and the chase begins. Kody knows that he is attracted to the journalist. She fears that her attraction could cost her her job and her broadcasting future. The lure of the Calgary Stampede brings them together but the relationship is not without its problems. While the couple is creative in their endeavors to remain undetected, they are equally creative in the bedroom or in the great outdoors. Kody is having the a terrific season professionally but cannot openly truly share it with the woman he wants. The story is well paced and the banter between all the characters is realistic and sexy. I would love to read another cowboy romance by Ms. Addison.

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