5 Star Reviews

There are some brand new 5-star reviews that you may want to read.

Frances Garcia reviewed Indulging Her Fantasy (Siren Publishing Allure)
Aurora Reagan Is a young CEO of a fortune 500 company. She is well known and good at her job. Nicholas Anderson is her boyfriend and her stress reliever. When Nicholas and Aurora comes together in their intimate acts he gives her what she need and desire. One night they lay back and watch t.v. and find an interesting movie on (porn) they decided to view the situation going on and get engrossed into a bukkake. When Aurora feel strongly about the situation going on in front of her she gets upset. Nicholas tries to explain that the participants of the movie is happy to be there. After some time has passed Aurora can’t get the bukkake (facials) out of her mind, she decides that she wants one and must ask Nicholas. Will Nicholas give Aurora what she wants and indulge her fantasy.

Ebony Arrington-McMillan reviewed Bound, But Free
Talk about spicing up a relationship 😉

I think that this book just became my new favorite erotic short story!! Cara Addison has given me a story that I could not and did not want to put down. This book is HOT!! The heat between Kitten and her husband set my kindle on FIRE!!!

I highly recommend this short story!! I can not say enough that you need to grab this HOT little number!! I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Mrs. Addison’s writing!!!

Ebony Arrington-McMillan reviewed Reflection

This short story is BLAZING HOT!!! Cara Addison has written a short story that blew me away and makes me want to take a cold shower 😉 The heat and passion between Kent and Octavia is CRAZY!! These two remind of two little Energizer bunnies with the mindset and libidos of teenagers 🙂

I HIGHLY recommend this short story to anyone looking for a great HOT quick read!! I promise that you will not be disappointed. I am planning on reading EVERYTHING that Cara Addison has available!!!

Amazon Customer reviewed Going the Distance (Siren Publishing Classic)
Smoking hot
Soo sexy. Loved it! Can’t wait for more of Austin’s story
heather reviewed Reflection

WOW… I read this last night and talk about a WOW read! This book incredibly hot, and just incredible all the way around. By the summary, it seems like a pretty simple story, but what Cara did with it is amazing.

The author did did an amazing job making this book more than just a sexy romp. There was depth to the characters, some wonderful internal conflict in both sides, and an amazing story.

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