5 Star Review for The Cay


Great Beach Read

By Karen Hrdlicka on April 9, 2016

The thing I’ve noticed about Cara Addison’s books is her female characters are always strong. I love Aemelia’s strength and the fact that she knows what she wants and goes for it. A smart business woman in a traditionally male dominated world, she manages a large fortune and plans to build her father’s dream. Duke is just as strong willed as Aemelia and together they are a passionate couple. Brought together by a night of sex, neither thought it would be a long term arrangement.
When a true relationship develops the journey becomes bumpy. His overbearing family, a fib gone wrong, and emotions that were unexpected makes for a fast paced read by Ms. Addison. The tropical setting for a large part of the book, makes it a great beach for the summer or a mental vacation by a fire in the winter. This banter between Duke and Aemelia is sexy and fun and their sex scenes are scorching. There are several unexpected events in the book, and while there are times when the reader may want to smack the characters for their actions, like real life nothing is predictable. I look forward to the next book by Ms. Addison.


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