A Moth To A Flame [The Coast IV]

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ca-tc-mothtoaflame-fullFootball, cheerleaders, and Thanksgiving.

For Shelly Minor, the cooler November temperatures mean that cheerleading season is in full swing.  As coach of the North Beach High Marauders cheerleaders, she’s work hard to prepare her squad for a run at the state championship. With as much dedication as an elite athlete, Shelly embraces the training regiment that Dennis has designed for her as he trains her to be his submissive.

For Detective Dennis Blain, the autumn not only means a welcome relationship with his baby doll, it also means an entirely new crime for he and Xander to solve.

A number of suspicious fires have the small city’s residents concerned about the safety of their businesses and their families.  With so much evidence burned at each scene, the detectives from the special investigations unit struggle to find one solid lead in the case.

From a delinquent teenager to a known drug dealer, they investigate one suspect after another until they catch a break in the case, but not until one of Lexi’s luxury vacation homes is threatened by arson.

Taken from the headlines of a real life community, this story has been fictionalized to fit the characters and setting of The Coast.