Before you BOOST…

Before you BOOST…

There is much to consider before clicking that button to boost your next Facebook post.

screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-2-56-35-pmWhile it’s tempting to just put your information in front of a mass audience with one click, you may want to tap into some award-winning expertise before you do.

Besides writing, Cara Addison spends her days as a social media marketer where her work has gained international recognition. Cara will help you avoid he pitfalls that lead to adverts being denied, or even worse, wasting money on an ad that doesn’t meet your goals.

Avoid the trial and error approach to Facebook adverts with one of these 3 packages.

Simplify | Eliminate Uncertainty | Remove Doubt

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  • review your goals with you
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Option No.2     $40 USD

  • …all services in Option No.1 plus,
  • evaluate your past adverts
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  • identify a strong Call to Action
  • create a 4-word sales pitch

Option No.3     $75 USD

  • …all of the services in Option No.1 & 2 plus,
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  • create copy to entice readers
  • create 3 graphics that work
  • set detailed custom targeting
  • prepare an execution strategy to maximize time and budget

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Formatting Services Available NOW

Formatting Services for independent authors

At, we’re pleased to now offer Formatting Services for independent authors. You’ve poured your heart and soul into a manuscript, had a cover designed, survived editing…and now it’s time to upload your document for a flowable experience by the readers who buy your ebook.

$49 USD

Within 48 hours, we’ll transform your document to make it kindle, iPad, nook, or android ready. If you’re looking to send your manuscript to print, we can format your words and make them ready for Paperback.

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NINE of Cara Addison’s erotica romance novels are now available in Paperback!

Add to your collection with these sexy novels:

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5 Star Review for WADE

Really, there is no better way to summarize my newest release, WADE: From The Shadows than what you will read in this 5-star review.


FromTheShadowsI adore a good cowboy book, by the looks of my kindle I love them a lot. This book by Cara Addison is one of the best I’ve read in a while. Not only is it sexy as hell and a cowboy romance, it is a wonderful redemption story. I love reading Ms. Addison’s books. They are all radically different from each other and never fail to pull a great story together.
Last year I read her book, Behind the Chute, and got a glimpse of Wade behaving badly. In his book, he no longer has to fight his rival Kody, who in an ironic turn of events is now his agent. Envy of Kody still bothers Wade. He is jealous of the “perfect” life Kody and his wife have made for themselves.
What Wade really wants is the family he never had. Haunted by his past, Wade had made one poor choice after another. Somehow even when he wins, he manages to sabotage himself into a losing proposition. Deep-seated anger and hurt have clouded his judgement all his life, now he is determined to turn his life around. Forgoing easy sex with buckle bunnies is the first step. With the help of his friend, Dustin, he manages to stay on the straight and narrow. When he meets a Cheyenne, his life turns down a new path. A single mom, who works hard to support her son, Cheyenne is not the usual woman that would catch Wade’s eye.
For the kind of man Wade started out as, his care and tenderness to Cheyenne and her son, Griffin surprised me. I think my favorite character may just be Griffin, the sweet young boy that reminds Wade of his childhood and the pain of growing up without adults who cared. Ms. Addison does a wonderful job of walking the couple through their trials and tribulations. The road for Wade is still not smooth but the passion and sensuality of the characters is palpable. The story flows well and the characters are well developed. As for the sex scenes they are HOT and sizzling. Wade does indeed come from out of the shadows and in the light of day he’s become a new man. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good redemption story or a hot cowboy read.

COVER REVEAL ~ Wade: From The Shadows


From the Shadows

FromTheShadowsSnorting, stomping, angry bulls: just waiting to be released from the confinement of the chute. It’s the most dangerous sport out there, and finally, Wade Cunningham is at the top of the rodeo standings.

Armed with rosin, ropes, and cowbells, he’s set to conquer the bulls as a professional rider with a lot of talent. With a host of personal demons, he also has a propensity for drunken brawls, bad decisions, and an unsatisfied hunger for loose women. Now, with his long time rival retired from the circuit, everyone is focused on him, and Wade knows it’s time to clean up his act.

Wade finds himself uncharacteristically asking Cheyenne Daugherty on a date rather than indulging in a quick fling. Petite and with brassy hair, the young, single mother is completely unlike the flashy, high maintenance women Wade is used to pursuing.

Wrecks and spills fill the season, leaving Wade to question if he can emerge from the shadows of doubt and self-sabotage to prove to Cheyenne that he’s not only worthy of her love, but also dependable enough for her to trust him with her young son.

Falling in love for the first time in his life, Wade knows that with Cheyenne counting on him, there is no one to blame but himself if he doesn’t succeed.

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica Western Romance

Length: 88,200 words


5 star reviews are in…


Love or Money by Cara Addison
By Carmen D. Ferrer-Torres on July 14, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
I enjoyed this book very entertaining. The heroine is feisty and doesn’t suffer fools. I love the protective streak she has for her children and those she holds dear. Cara Addison is a new author to me but she is awesome writer.

* * * * * * * *

Karen Hrdlicka rated it ★★★★★

Cara Addison has become one of my favorite authors. Her stories are always fresh, different, and an experience to read. Ms. Addison’s stories are always well crafted and the sexual tension smoldering and hot. This book weaves the best of these and adds in intrigue and suspense creating a very enjoyable reading experience.
Love or Money is vastly different from anything I have read by this author or by anyone else.
The story revolves around Morgan Gibson: wife, mother, and business woman. Morgan’s husband is, plain and simply, an ass. Working a dead end job, he allows Morgan to give their twins not only the material things her career can buy, but also the only parental support they receive. In a loveless marriage, Morgan is unprepared for an unexpected windfall and the new life it provides. Her change in circumstances allows her to dump her crappy ex and lead a life where she can seek out the love and intimacy her life has been missing.
Morgan is a very supportive mother to her teenage twins, following their activities and being actively involved. So every move she makes after the big change in her life has her children’s best interests at heart. There are several twists and turns in this book and truly it is not only a journey of self-discovery for Morgan, but it is also a tale of two loves. While I enjoyed the part of the book about her relationship with a younger man, when she met Erik I was elated. The connections she felt with both men felt real and dynamic and I rooted for both men. However, doubt crept into my mind with both of them and until the very end I was in suspense over the outcome. As always with the ending comes a surprise, leaving the reader hopeful for the future and satisfied with their reading experience.


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Cover Reveal ~ Love or Money


Love or Money

Morgan Gibson is a successful business owner with a busy life. While her inattentive husband works a dead end job, the marketing maven uses creativity and devotion as she juggles the demands of career and children.

When a billionaire client takes a shine to Morgan, she has no idea how his interest in her and the decisions of managing wealth will so dramatically alter her life. 
The world of private jets and butler service bring issues of trust and loyalty to the forefront as Morgan decides who will and will not be a part of her new life.

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica Romance

Length: 124,000 words

The Lives of Brett and Austin

Their connection was instant and the chemistry  was undeniable. Brett Tanner and Austin Campbell found something special in their chance meeting in San Diego. Over the years, we’ve seen how this couple is Going The Distance.


Take a look at what readers are saying about this steamy series…

From the first chapter, this book is SIZZLING! Brett and Austin meet in a surprising way, but they sizzle between the sheets, on the couch, at the night club, etc. I love how she inspires through her sex life with Brett through her writing and that Brett and her inspire her writing. The passion they have for each other inspires my husband and I as well.
I love Austin’s boldness and how she is so comfortable with her own sexuality. This story has some very adventurous sex scenes and two very passionate people, who want it often and anywhere they happen to be. It is a read that should require a warning that it may be too hot to read in public or you may be squirming in your seat.

★★★★★ ~Going The Distance


Austin is in marketing, but off hours, she writes erotica. Brett is in investment banking. They meet while on vacation. Within minutes, the are in bed together. When the vacation ends, they must decide if the distance between Toronto and New York is too much.

This is a solid book with wonderful characters and a well-developed plot. However, it is the sex that makes this book! It is packed full of sex scenes, and they are HOT! I admit to rereading several of them.

★★★★★ ~Going The Distance


Filled with surprising humour, this erotic romp about a couple struggling to come to terms with family has sexy scenes and great dialogue.

Austin and Brett are familiar, comfortable characters that the reader will fall instantly in love with. They are a couple very much in love too – plenty of fun, monogamous sex to be had here, with the storyline refreshingly revolving around difficulties external to their relationship, not in it.

This book has it all – exotic travel, engaging storyline, believable characterisations; Addison has subtly built a distinct world capable of pulling you in with before you even know it. It was a pleasure to grow with the characters as they matured and developed (while still enjoying a veryhealthy sex life). Anyone that loves romance with a bit of extra spice will enjoy this read – especially the happy ending.

It is worth noting that this book is a sequel, but you don’t need to have read the first to enjoy it.

★★★★★ ~The Fortuitous Pen


This is the third story in which Ms. Addison brings us Austin and Brett. It stands well alone but you really should read the series, and fall in love with them from the beginning. In this installment – Austin and Brett have been married for almost a year. Austin is recovering from a traumatic birth, and they are settling in as a new family. The scenes with baby Ella, a heartwarming and you can feel the love they have for both each other and the baby.

Then just to keep it interesting, Cara throws in a crazed stalker. That will keep you turning pages, written so well I almost believe that she may have some personal experience with one.

Ms. Addison is quickly becoming a favorite author. Her writing keeps you interested, her characters are strong and well developed and pull you into the story. Brett and Austin have there HEA, but its wonderful to see how their relationship blossoms over time. If you are looking for a steamy romance to read by the pool this summer – Unwanted Attention is more then worth the time.

★★★★★ ~Unwanted Attention


An enjoyable but heartbreaking tale of struggles, challenges, marriage, loss, grief, and love. A successful couple face struggles and challenges but can they find their HEA, or will it tear them apart?
A quick read, which is told with such heartfelt emotions that it is both believable, emotional, and realistic. Well written. Some readers may find it emotionally draining, but it is worth the time to read.

★★★★ ~The Guardian


Cara Addison writes a great heartfelt touching story. Brett and Austin are living a great life everything is perfect. Brett’s best friend is killed and he and Austin take on the responsibility of the raising the child. Brett is struggling with the death and hurting his family. I do not want to tell the book, so you need to read it for yourself to find out if the marriage survives.

★★★★★ ~The Guardian


5 Star Review for The Cay


Great Beach Read

By Karen Hrdlicka on April 9, 2016

The thing I’ve noticed about Cara Addison’s books is her female characters are always strong. I love Aemelia’s strength and the fact that she knows what she wants and goes for it. A smart business woman in a traditionally male dominated world, she manages a large fortune and plans to build her father’s dream. Duke is just as strong willed as Aemelia and together they are a passionate couple. Brought together by a night of sex, neither thought it would be a long term arrangement.
When a true relationship develops the journey becomes bumpy. His overbearing family, a fib gone wrong, and emotions that were unexpected makes for a fast paced read by Ms. Addison. The tropical setting for a large part of the book, makes it a great beach for the summer or a mental vacation by a fire in the winter. This banter between Duke and Aemelia is sexy and fun and their sex scenes are scorching. There are several unexpected events in the book, and while there are times when the reader may want to smack the characters for their actions, like real life nothing is predictable. I look forward to the next book by Ms. Addison.