Before you BOOST…

There is much to consider before clicking that button to boost your next Facebook post.

screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-2-56-35-pmWhile it’s tempting to just put your information in front of a mass audience with one click, you may want to tap into some award-winning expertise before you do.

Besides writing, Cara Addison spends her days as a social media marketer where her work has gained international recognition. Cara will help you avoid he pitfalls that lead to adverts being denied, or even worse, wasting money on an ad that doesn’t meet your goals.

Avoid the trial and error approach to Facebook adverts with one of these 3 packages.

Simplify | Eliminate Uncertainty | Remove Doubt

Option No.1     $25 USD

  • review your goals with you
  • identify the best type of boost
  • identify keys to success
  • review boost settings before purchase

Option No.2     $40 USD

  • …all services in Option No.1 plus,
  • evaluate your past adverts
  • clarify and articulate your goals
  • identify a strong Call to Action
  • create a 4-word sales pitch

Option No.3     $75 USD

  • …all of the services in Option No.1 & 2 plus,
  • goal setting
  • create copy to entice readers
  • create 3 graphics that work
  • set detailed custom targeting
  • prepare an execution strategy to maximize time and budget

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