The Cay: Excerpts


Excerpts from The Cay by Cara Addison

“That was amazing,” Aemelia purred.

Duke rolled onto his side and looked into her eyes. “I agree, it was amazing,” he said softly as he brushed her hair over her shoulder.

“That’s exactly how I’m meant to be fucked,” she admitted. As soon as she said it, she wondered what possessed her to speak so candidly to the man she had met just three hours earlier. She placed her hand on his chest and closed her eyes. If she was being honest, then she might as well share everything that was on her mind. “When I felt your finger tease my ass, I was sure that you were going to fuck me there.”

Duke chuckled softly. “Would you have let me?”

“Yes,” she said candidly. She felt a twinge between her legs at the though of having his huge cock inside her ass. She definitely would have let him finish in her ass.

“I wish I would have known that.”

Duke Weston and Aemelia Davidson
Duke Weston and Aemelia Davidson

Aemelia lifted her head off the pillow and gently kissed his lips. “I asked you what you like. If you’d have asked in return, I’d have told you.”

He returned her kiss. “Fair enough. I’ve learned my lesson.” His heart pounded as her eyelids fluttered as she looked at him with eyes that were becoming hypnotic to him. “What do you like?” he finally asked.

She sighed. “Pleasure. Gratification. Indulgence. I like giving just as much as receiving.” She looked down at his cock that had softened and ran her finger over the dense, flaccid flesh. “I love sucking on a cock,” she said softly.

Duke ran his hand across her shoulder and down her arm. “I’m sorry I denied you that.” He turned her head to face him. “Perhaps we can do this again and I can make some of these wrongs, right for you.”

She gave him a long kiss. “I am not complaining. I like to know that I’ve been fucked, and you definitely delivered on that.”

“What is this?” he asked as he ran his finger over a tiny depression in the toned skin of her abdomen.

“A scar,” she said candidly as she subconsciously ran her finger over the barely visible blemish. “I had surgery as a teenager. They had to take my fallopian tubes out. Fortunately they could do it without leaving a major scar.”

“Y…you don’t have your fallopian tubes?” he asked.

She looked at the cloudy expression on his face and shook her head. “I don’t. I can’t have kids,” she added in all honesty. “With me, birth control will never be a concern.” She heard the distinct sound of her phone pinging from another room. “I need to check that.”

“Where are you going?” he asked as she walked toward the bedroom door.

“There’s an alert on my phone. The markets are open in Hong Kong. One of the companies on my watch list is either having a really bad day, or a really good day.”

She disappeared out the door and down the hall, to the praises of her lover who was thoroughly enjoying the site of her naked body. She found her purse by the door and checked her trading page. Stocks for an airline were plummeting. She clicked the news link to read that an airliner with four hundred and ninety-two passengers and crew had crashed into mountainous terrain. She did a quick analysis of the stock that had now dropped more than fifteen percent of it’s value since the news hit the international wires. She checked her cash position to see what she had available in the event that she decided to purchase shares of the beleaguered stock.

“What is it?” Duke asked.

Aemelia jumped at the sound of his voice. Engrossed in the information on her phone, she hadn’t heard him approach in his bare feet. “There’s been a plane crash in Japan,” she said softly. “I was just monitoring the stock.” The warmth of his body melted away her cares as his long arms wrapped around her torso and he held her close.

“Does this mean you’re working instead of lying your sexy ass in my bed?”

“Yes,” she reluctantly admitted. She knew that she needed to get home to her computer. She could make trades on her phone, but it was her multi-screen terminal in her den that allowed her to most efficiently and effectively manage the fund.

“Come back to bed,” he pleaded. “I promised I’ll make it worth your while.”

She looked up into his eyes and reluctantly declined. “I need to take care of this.”

He held her close and kissed her passionately. She knew he was trying to convince her to stay more than he was saying goodbye. She unwillingly pulled away and began gathering her clothes. As she buttoned her blouse, Duke slipped on his boxer briefs and pulled on his dress shirt. “Let me get you a cab,” he offered as he reluctantly opened the door and escorted her to the front door of the building. Standing in bare feet on the sidewalk, he hailed her a cab that promptly pulled up to the curb. “Is there any chance that we can do this again? It would be a shame for this kind of connection to be a one-time thing.”

Connection. So he felt it too. “I’d like that. Call me anytime,” she invited as she handed him a business card from her handbag before giving him one last kiss. Twenty seconds later, the taxi was shuttling her to her SOHO apartment where she would watch and wait on fickle investors around the globe as she decided whether to invest a piece of her $4 billion in assets.



Excerpt from Chapter 4 of The Cay by Cara Addison

It was two o’clock when the golfers returned to find all four ladies basking in the afternoon sunshine as they lay by the pool. Duke leaned over the lounger and kissed Aemelia on the cheek before sitting down at her side. He ran his hand down the heated, tanned skin of her bare back and couldn’t help but wonder if they had spent the afternoon sunbathing topless while he was chasing a golf ball around a challenging course. “You look like you could use a layer of sunscreen,” he said softly.

She draped her arm across his thigh, giving him a tantalizing view of side boob. “Yes please,” she said contentedly. Warm lotion slid between his fingers as his hands ran up and down her back, giving her skin a glistening shine.

“How was golf?” she murmured.

“I let David win,” he lied.

She looked up at him and smiled. “Did you really?  That sounds so unlike you.”

Duke chuckled. “You know me well. I had two birdies on the front nine and an eagle on the back nine. I shot a seventy-four.”

She rose up on her elbows and looked at him. “I had no idea you were such a good golfer.”

Duke shrugged his shoulders. “Summer camp,” was all he needed to say before he leaned down and whispered in her ear. “As much as it pains me to say this, do you think that you could keep your beautiful tits to yourself for now?”

Aemelia’s trading app sounded off its notification, distracting her from the feeling of his warm breath in her ear. She picked up her phone and read the alert, before clicking on the link to read the news article associated with the spiraling value of the blue-chip stock.

“That’s odd,” she said just loudly enough for Duke to hear.

“What is it?” he asked as he looked over her shoulder at the screen that shone in the glare of the sun’s bright rays.

“Lubbock stock is falling fast.”

“How fast?” he asked.

Aemelia clicked on the stock icon. It’s lost twelve percent in the last hour and it’s still falling.”

“What the hell!” Duke turned to where his colleagues were standing by the outdoor bar. “David, you’ve got to see this, Lubbox stock is taking a real hit.”

David, Kent, and Connor crowded around as Aemelia summarized the news article that appeared to explain the sudden shift in an otherwise stable stock. “Wendell Corp. has issued a statement that they’re looking to merge with Lubbox, but what’s strange, is that they repeatedly mention that the Lubbox primary product will be discontinued.”

“Did you know Wendall was making a play?” David asked his team. “We’ve represented them in the past. Surely they reached out to someone one the team?”

The all looked bewildered by the news. ”I met with Lubbox last week,” Duke replied. “There wasn’t a whisper of any potential deal.”

“The stock has dropped another four percent,” Aemelia advised. She handed Duke her phone and rose from the lounger, quickly enveloping her bare torso in a wrap before taking back her phone. She ignored the looks of surprise and shocked bewilderment from the men around her. There were more important issues to be dealt with. “Clearly investors are not pleased with this news. Without its primary product line, they must have concerns about the merged company’s profitability.”

“Why would Wendall drop that line?  It’s innovative and cutting edge,” Conner finally asked in a cracked voice that sounded like he had just reached puberty.

Aemelia looked at the time. It was almost three o’clock. Markets would close soon. “It’s a dawn raid,” she said to herself. “They’re trying to drive down the stock price on purpose. They’re going for a hostile takeover of Lubbox.  It’s Friday and there’s only an hour of trading to go. They probably planted that story in the news and pulled a last minute coup. They’re probably buying up stock as we speak.”

David sprung into action. “I’ll call Lubbox and see what they want us to do. Keep watching that price, Aemelia. I want to know every drop that stock makes.”

As David stood next to them and spoke as calmly as he could to the company CEO, Aemelia signaled that another drop of two percent had occurred.

“You had a market cap of $20 billion this morning,” David said into his phone. “You’ve already lost close to $4 billion in worth. What would you like to do?”

They could hear voices, but couldn’t tell for certain what the executive was saying. While David talked, Aemelia pressed the buy button on her phone and secured a sizeable share of the tumbling stock.

“What are you doing?” Duke asked her.

“I’m buying Lubbox. I’m telling you that this is a false story that the media is running.” The stock symbol flashed red on her phone, indicating it had taken another fall. The stock price was plummeting and traders had lost all confidence as investors. The herd mentality had started as a stampede with every investor following, taking the value of the company with them. The momentum was out of control. “The elephants are running down hill,” she whispered.