Formatting Services

available-now-img  Formatting Services for independent authors

At, we’re pleased to now offer Formatting Services for independent authors. You’ve poured your heart and soul into a manuscript, had a cover designed, survived editing…and now it’s time to upload your document for a flowable experience by the readers who buy your ebook.

$49 USD

Within 48 hours, we’ll transform your document to make it kindle, iPad, nook, or android ready. If you’re looking to send your manuscript to print, we can format your words and make them ready for Paperback.

√  formatted for flowable reading on kindle, nook, iPad (all iOS devices), Google Books, Kobo, and more

√  we will provide files in .epub, .mobi, and PDF format for your use

√  ideal for text based documents

√  easy use for sharing, upload, or download

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