Her Sultry Eyes [The Coast 1]


ca-tc-hersultryeyes-fullThis summer, Cara Addison is revealing Book 1 in a brand new series, The Coast.  Crime and romance in the sultry summer heat.

Arriving at The Coast in the middle of a May heat wave, the handsome but untanned detective from Michigan stands out from the locals with bronzed skin who are acclimated to the Carolina heat.  When Xander McKenzie meets a stunning strawberry-blonde at the local tiki bar, it’s her sultry eyes and intelligent banter that captures his attention. Xander can’t resist falling into the arms of such a sensual, intelligent woman.

Before he’s even settled into his job as the newest detective in the special investigations unit, Xander is assigned his first case. The murder of Nadia Gill occupies his days and his thoughts as he works to find her killer.

All too late, he finds out that there are a multitude of reasons why he shouldn’t be pursuing a relationship with the irresistible Lexi Marshall. Her history in the coastal community and her family connections could prove to be too much of a barrier for the duo with uncanny chemistry.


Here’s what readers are saying about Cara Addison’s crime and mystery novels.

★★★★★  Wonderful, exciting and an unexpected ending makes this book a terrific mystery. There are twists and turns but you will never guess the ending.

★★★★  Great mystery and great sex all wrapped up in intrigue

★★★★The idea is nothing but fantastic. This book is a thriller. The crime is genius, the rolls well played. It’s all about the lies.

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