Indulging Her Fantasy

Indulging Her Fantasy

Chosen by you, as the Erotica Romance~BDSM book of the year.


M/F Siren Allure
Length: 57,802 words
Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, bukkake, HEA

ca-indulgingherfantasy-fullAt the age of thirty-six, the beautiful Aurora Reagan is not only confident, capable, poised, and professional, she’s incredibly sexy. As the youngest female executive of a fashion focused Fortune 500 Company, Aurora has proven her strength and leadership to the corporate world. Nicholas Anderson knows, that there is so much more to the petite but powerful woman that he loves. Taking away her stresses and cares, Nicholas goes out of his way to please her as a woman, not as an executive.

When a horrible fight about their differing views on a bukkake causes Nicholas to make an offhanded comment about Aurora on her knees, it sends her on a journey of erotic discovery as she pushes her own boundaries. Learning that she adores the intimacy of a facial from Nicholas, her fantasy escalates and she finds herself daydreaming about an entirely new experience that Nicholas eagerly indulges. The results have her quietly wondering if a bukkake might be what she craves.

Even though a bukkake’s blend of control and submission intrigues Aurora, she is convinced that her professional reputation isn’t worth the risk of kneeling in front of strangers. Her restless sleep is Nicholas’ clue that she is still tortured with how to handle her desires.

With all that is at stake, can they find a way to arrange a confidential bukkake?


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