Love or Money ~ Excerpts


Morgan felt herself smiling as she pondered how it could be, that a twenty-two-year-old stranger from another state could respect her experience and opinions more than her own husband.

She put the thought aside.

I’m never too busy to talk. 

Morgan took a long drink when a notification popped up, indicating that her new follower had hit the heart icon on one of her photos. She chuckled when he liked a second photo. Flipping to the feed that listed network activity, she watched as Fitz favorited one photo after another. There was an unmistakable pattern. He gave a heart to each and one of the photos in which Morgan appeared.

Stop. You’re embarrassing me, she messaged.

I’m sure you’re beautiful when you’re blushing. 

Morgan immediately sat up and stared at her phone. Was it an offhanded and innocent comment or something more?

I’m pretty sure I look the same as I always do, blushing or not. 

Well then, whatever you’re doing right now, wherever you are, you’re probably stunning. I particularly like you in that classy red dress. It looks valuable…just like you. 

Morgan could feel that her cheeks were hot. Now, she was definitely blushing. You’re too sweet. It’s just a good luck dress that I wear on special occasions. 

There was a brief pause before a new message appeared.

“Mom! Do you know where my green volleyball jersey is?  I have a home game tomorrow after school,” Georgia hollered from the second floor.

Morgan kicked into mother mode and stuffed her phone between the sofa cushions, before her daughter could bound down the staircase and see what she was doing.

“D-did you check the dryer?  I saw you throw a load in after swim practice,” she stammered.

“That’s right!” Georgia exclaimed as she ran down the hall toward the laundry room. My favorite yoga pants were in that load, too.”

“What time is your game?” she called out after the teen.

“Four o’clock.”

Morgan sat down heavily on the sofa. Why did she feel so awkward about being caught chatting online? She casually reached into the depths of the sofa to retrieve her phone. She flipped to her calendar and noticed that she was scheduled for a three p.m. appointment at her office. With the commute, she would never make it back to the suburban high school in time for the game. She quickly sent her personal assistant a message.

Could you please shift my three o’clock tomorrow?  My daughter has a varsity game tomorrow afternoon and I’d like to be there. 

Morgan slowly swiped her finger across the screen to return to Instagram. A glance at the screen indicated that Fitz had sent a new message. Morgan casually opened the app.

A good luck dress?  When did you last wear it?

Well, Fitz, I’m wearing it now. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Adult Excerpt

“You didn’t tell me how we came to be in this condo,” Fitz said, as he led her toward a sectional in the center of the enormous room. He ran his hand over the suede surface. “This looks like as good a place as any to make love to you like I promised,” he added, before pulling her in close and falling onto the plush cushions that enveloped them.

Morgan smiled as Fitz positioned her in a way that had her pinned beneath his frame. “I own it,” she admitted as his lips found a delicate spot on her neck that made her squirm beneath him.”

“Riiiight,” he chuckled, before kissing his way toward the tantalizing round curve of her breast. “Exceptional,” he whispered before teasing her nipple between his lips. Her reaction was more than he had hoped for. She was incredibly sensual, and letting go of the inhibitions he had often seen in their online interactions.

Maybe it was the divorce that had freed her, or maybe it was his touch that transformed her into the desirable and sultry woman, who moaned without inhibition as he explored.

As he kissed his way down her abdomen, his mouth began to water in anticipation of what he would find between her legs. He had openly shared photos of his junk with her in previous weeks, but Morgan had been reluctant to share anything more than the full body nude that had been the catalyst for numerous self-inflicted orgasms in the previous month.

Just as he was about to nudge her leg to the side, she willingly shifted her limbs.

“Good girl,” he murmured with a kiss to the inside of her thigh.

The moment her pussy was exposed to him, his dick turned rock hard. Her pretty pink lips were waxed smooth, exposing every plump curve and fold for his tongue to explore. Evidence that she had indeed enjoyed sucking his cock glistened against her flesh. Her pussy was magnificent to see. His only hope was that it tasted as delicious as it looked.

Fitz pressed his lips against her flesh and kissed, just has he had her mouth. Moving his lips in a kiss, his tongue delicately explored.

“You taste incredible,” he murmured, before delivering another long, slow kiss. He desperately wanted to see her eyes, but at this moment, her back was arched and her head tilted back as she writhed with every move his mouth made.  She was thoroughly enjoying his efforts.

Kissing his way around her pussy, the firm round of her swollen clit met his lip. The subtle brush of his mouth against it had made her thigh tremble. Focusing his kisses around her clit, her thigh quivered uncontrollably. He watched her breasts heave as she alternated between frantic gasps and agonizing moans.

Snap. With a dramatic cry, her body froze and then shook as her pussy throbbed against his lips. Gently, he kissed her pussy, easing her down from the summit she had just fallen from. As her fingers slowly released their grip on the cushions, he continued to softly kiss and tenderly lick away her juices, as her body twitched in one aftershock after another as his mouth moved.

“You have a tell,” he observed, as he kissed the thigh that trembled so violently before she came.