NemesisFULLA nemesis can be a pain in the ass when you’re a real estate tycoon, but it can also be a wonderful source of inspiration. When your nemesis is tall and handsome, and equally ruthless, that rivalry can fuel genius ideas that are full of innovation and originality.

Blair knows this dynamic all too well. With just a few finishing touches needed on her new development project, she jets away to Aruba for some much needed solace. When Chad Kingsley, her long time nemesis competes with her for a taxi at the island airport, her hopes for a relaxing vacation suddenly vanish.

As each day passes, secrets are revealed, and these rivals learn a little about what makes the other so good at what they do. Can these two moguls put aside their differences long enough to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf of this exotic island destination?

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica Romance Short Story

Length: 18,500 words