Now writing short stories…

If you’re interested in a quick little read from author, Cara Addison, you’ve come to the right place.  New in 2015, Cara is now writing short stories with a sexy, erotic flare.

Written specifically with a male reader in mind, these short stories are a tantalizing and a delectable tease that will leave you HOT and bothered.

What readers are saying about Cara’s short stories:

Well done.  I felt like I was right there in the story.  It was totally about me!  I love it!!

What is Cara’s first offering?

A contemporary erotica short story about trust, love, dominance, submission, and freedom

BoundButFreeFullWith an incredible gift of perception, Mike has discovered the latent secret to what provides unparralled pleasure for both he and the new love of his life. One night after months of sharing a home, he witnesses how his kitten embraces the discomfort of being bound, along with her ability to use it as fuel for an earth shattering orgasm. It has his own climax surpassing all others before it and it leads to an entirely new sexual freedom for this couple.
Finding each other after previous relationships that were both toxic and draining, they find it refreshing to have a partner so willing and eager to meet the needs of the other.
Balancing demanding careers, children, and the challenge of blending families, their time alone reveals that the amount of trust that they have is only surpassed by the love they share.