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Frances Garcia reviewed Indulging Her Fantasy (Siren Publishing Allure)
Aurora Reagan Is a young CEO of a fortune 500 company. She is well known and good at her job. Nicholas Anderson is her boyfriend and her stress reliever. When Nicholas and Aurora comes together in their intimate acts he gives her what she need and desire. One night they lay back and watch t.v. and find an interesting movie on (porn) they decided to view the situation going on and get engrossed into a bukkake. When Aurora feel strongly about the situation going on in front of her she gets upset. Nicholas tries to explain that the participants of the movie is happy to be there. After some time has passed Aurora can’t get the bukkake (facials) out of her mind, she decides that she wants one and must ask Nicholas. Will Nicholas give Aurora what she wants and indulge her fantasy.

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“That was amazing,” Excerpt

An excerpt from The Cay by Cara Addison

“That was amazing,” Aemelia purred.

Duke rolled onto his side and looked into her eyes. “I agree, it was amazing,” he said softly as he brushed her hair over her shoulder.

“That’s exactly how I’m meant to be fucked,” she admitted. As soon as she said it, she wondered what possessed her to speak so candidly to the man she had met just three hours earlier. She placed her hand on his chest and closed her eyes. If she was being honest, then she might as well share everything that was on her mind. “When I felt your finger tease my ass, I was sure that you were going to fuck me there.”

Duke chuckled softly. “Would you have let me?”

“Yes,” she said candidly. She felt a twinge between her legs at the though of having his huge cock inside her ass. She definitely would have let him finish in her ass.

“I wish I would have known that.”

Duke Weston and Aemelia Davidson

Duke Weston and Aemelia Davidson

Aemelia lifted her head off the pillow and gently kissed his lips. “I asked you what you like. If you’d have asked in return, I’d have told you.”

He returned her kiss. “Fair enough. I’ve learned my lesson.” His heart pounded as her eyelids fluttered as she looked at him with eyes that were becoming hypnotic to him. “What do you like?” he finally asked.

She sighed. “Pleasure. Gratification. Indulgence. I like giving just as much as receiving.” She looked down at his cock that had softened and ran her finger over the dense, flaccid flesh. “I love sucking on a cock,” she said softly.

Duke ran his hand across her shoulder and down her arm. “I’m sorry I denied you that.” He turned her head to face him. “Perhaps we can do this again and I can make some of these wrongs, right for you.”

She gave him a long kiss. “I am not complaining. I like to know that I’ve been fucked, and you definitely delivered on that.”

“What is this?” he asked as he ran his finger over a tiny depression in the toned skin of her abdomen.

“A scar,” she said candidly as she subconsciously ran her finger over the barely visible blemish. “I had surgery as a teenager…”


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The Cay Cover Reveal

The Cay Cover Reveal

by Cara Addison
M/F Contemporary Erotica Romance
72,000 words

What do the characters of Aemelia and Duke look like?

SOLVE THE PUZZLE to find out.

Can two friends with benefits make the leap to a life of happily ever after? Duke Weston thinks they can, when his casual relationship with Aemelia Davidson gradually turns serious. The problem is that Duke puts too much emphasis on appearances, as he tries to appease his mother and gets in too much of a hurry to walk Aemelia down the aisle.

Pushing him away, the independent and sometimes self indulgent fund manager flees Manhattan and escapes to the tiny Cay her father left for her in the Turks and Caicos. Determined to see her father’s dream of development become a reality, Aemelia reconnects with her teenage sweetheart for a secret affair. It’s an affair that lasts until Duke comes after her, determined to win her back.

Resisting him at every turn, Aemelia gives her full attention to the project inspired by her father, building luxury beach houses to surround a marina that will be home to luxury yachts and sailboats from around the world.

Can Aemelia see herself in a committed relationship with Duke? Is The Cay the place where she will finally put down roots and make Duke happy?

Greed, love, respect, and temptation must be overcome in this story of The Cay.

The Dinner Party

11-couple-making-love-oleksiy-maksymenkoEverything is ready for the dinner party.  Holly is in the bedroom, getting dressed. Guests will arrive any minute.

As Adam walks confidently into the bedroom to pick out the perfect pair of shoes he wants her to wear with the pale pink dress he bought for her, he smiles. Her skin taunts him as he pulls back her hair to kiss her neck. His beautiful devoted Holly clasps her necklace and announces, “I’m ready.”
He whispers in her ear, “one thing is missing.” As he slowly bends her over, he shows Holly the butt plug he has picked out for her to wear for him.

Pushing her thong to the side, he presses the toy against her tight little ass, making her flinch and then whimper. He know exactly how to tease her. He knows how to touch her ass to arouse her and he knows exactly how to make her come. As the toy slides in place, he gives her his instructions. “You’re to wear this toy all night, but you’re not to come. I’ll be watching you, Holly. You’re not to touch yourself. Only I can do that for you. If you can hold back, you’ll be very well rewarded for pleasing me.”
It was a treat to see her struggle with her urges as he helped his love stand back up. He gently put her thong back in place, smoothed out her dress, and then as he kisses her lips, he gave a press of his fingers against her ass to gently move the toy around until her knees buckled.

At the ring of the doorbell, he stepped back, leaving Holly trembling and desperate for a release. Adam took her hand, smiled, and lead her from their room.
At his side, she takes her first steps ever so gingerly. It’s evident, that every motion makes her heart pound and he knows from experience that her pussy is aching. With every step down the stairs he knows that she could cry out in orgasm, but she won’t give in.

Her cheeks are flushed when he opens the door to welcome guests. He watches her closely as friends arrive and they serve drinks. Every step, every move she makes is a constant reminder of his challenge for her.
At dinner, he intentionally asks Holly to pass the food, or fetch drinks, knowing that sitting down, standing up, walking…all have her quivering. She can see his smile. Knowing that the she is still on the edge and can barely make conversation with friends, makes his cock harden once more.
After appetizers, Adam gets up front the table to join her in the kitchen to help with the entree. As she spoons roasted potatoes onto the platter, his hand trails down her back to find her ass. His fingers are swirling around the edge of that toy and she can barely breath. The more subtle the motion, the more intense the pleasure. Her whimpers have turned to full out moans. When she looks up at him, begging with her eyes to let her come. He gives her a smile and nod.

Her eyes close tight. He knows what’s coming will be delightfully intense.
“No, no. Open your eyes and look at me,” he instructs.

With one hand gripping the counter and one clasped tight on his forearm, Holly looks up into his eyes and lets out a cry that immediately halts all conversation in the next room. He calls out to the guests in the next room, assuring everyone that everything is fine as Holly stands trembling, gasping for air. She’s not fine. She’s euphoric. Waves of pleasure are still washing over her like an aftershock after an earthquake.

She has earned her reward.

Finally able to focus on the food, His love finishes  plating the meal. Just as it’s about to be served, he leans in, kisses her passionately, and then starts fingering her clit through the sheer fabric of her dress. He’s not letting her leave that kitchen until once again, she’s aroused. The tension between her legs is building and she is quietly begging him to fuck her, but that’s not his plan.
Another smile. A kiss, and he picks up the vegetables, turns, and returns to the dinner table.
She now knows how this evening is going to go. He’s  going to tease and taunt her pussy all night. He’s going to watch her juggle the demands of hosting a party while all she can think about is her aching pussy.

When dinner is over, they move to more comfortable seating. He sits down on the sofa and invites her to sit next to him. Everyone is comfortable with a full drink in their hand.
As she sits, he slides his hand under her bottom. To everyone, it just looks like his arm is around her, but to Holly, she knows another round of delightful torture is in her future.
Her muscles twitch, tighten, and release as his fingers move against the toy. He can tell that she’s barely following conversation. She’s entirely focused on his fingers. When she lets out a whimper that only he can hear, he leans in and whispers in her ear, instructing her to go to the powder room down the hall.

She’s flustered and shaking when he opens the door to join her. She can immediately see the bulge in his pants and she knows that he’s rock hard and has been for awhile. His precum has soaked through his pants. The sight sends a shiver through her body, straight to her pussy.
His fingers are immediately in her hair, pulling Holly in to kiss hungrily her as he slides her skirt up over her hips. With urgency, he sets her on the vanity and tugs her thong off her hips, tearing it at the seam. He thrusts his fingers inside her pussy. It’s wet and her pussy is hot, swollen, and slippery with with her fluids. As his fingers urgently fuck her, he murmurs into her hair, “remember, you’re not to come. Not yet.”
She needs him. Desperately. She is struggling to unzip his pants, even though she can barely focus. Finally, she is able to get his pants off his hips and they fall to the floor. Her fingers are wrapped around his cock, stroking him hard and fast, causing precum to flow down his shaft to coat her hand.
With his fingers pressing against her G-spot, her entire body trembles. She needs to cum and he knows it.
With his forehead pressed against hers, he moans and then she turns the tables and tells him what’s going to happen next.

“You’re going to make me cum. Then, while I’m still in full orgasm, you’re going to fuck me hard. You’re going to slam your entire cock deep inside me.”

His voice of agreement sends her over the edge. She is coming and she’s coming hard. Her pussy is pulsating tight against his fingers and her ass is throbbing around the toy he picked for her.
Before she can recover, he’s fucking her, just as she asked. With his fingers still inside her, he slams his cock inside her pussy. The double penetration sends her into another extreme orgasm. Delirious, she pulls his fingers from her pussy to suck them into her mouth, tasting the juices that he has teased from her all night long
Neither of them last long. Hours of teasing has had them both on the edge.
Judging by her expression, the rush of hearing him …feeling him come, pleases her.

Gasping for air, their bodies finally relax. With his hand on her pussy, she knows this isn’t over.

“I want you to keep my cum and that toy inside you for the rest of the night.”

Dressed, he smooths her hair. As much as she knows they have to get back to the party, he can tell that she would prefer to stay where they are to kiss and fuck the rest of the night.
In a moment of urgency, Holly stuffs her ripped thong into his pocket as a reminder of the encounter. Smiling, Adam pressed his fingers against her ass as a reminder that she is still stuffed with his toy. Stepping out the door, he gives her ass a good smack, sending vibrations through her ass to her pussy making her ache all over again.

For the rest of the night, his  smile and knowing look is enough to make her shiver. As enjoyable as the party is, Holly is relieved when people start to go home. When the house is empty, they begin the task of tidying up. Adam intentionally makes her walk from room to room to retrieve glasses and trash, knowing how hard it is for her to keep his cum inside her with the toy teasing her with each step she takes.

Finally, Holly can only stand in front of him. If she move a muscle, she’ll explode. He  knows how aroused she am. He can see that she is trembling. Her eyes are begging him to fuck her, to take away the tension, and give her the release she desperately needs.

Adam pushes back the dishes off the island, grabs her, and pushes her down hard against the counter. In a flurry of activity, he lifts her dress. There is the sound of his pants hitting the floor seconds before he gives her bare ass a hard smack. It is everything she can do to hold back an orgasm.

“I can feel your cock between my thighs and all I can think about is having all of your nine inches inside my pussy.”

Adam must decide…how exactly, will he fuck her tonight.

~A short story by Cara Addison

The Coast series

All 5 books in The Coast series are now available for purchase and download.

Her Sultry Eyes

A Heartbreaking Ride

The Test Drive

A Moth To A Flame


2015 Best Seller

In doing a quick review of my 2015 releases, I discovered which book was my best seller.

Which novel would you guess it is?

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New Short Story: Reflection

A new short story by Cara Addison is now available.

ReflectionFULLWith an urgent call from his executive assistant, Kent Millar’s day is turned upside down. Away from the office to attend a Vancouver based convention, an egregious printing error made by a national magazine publisher has the marketing executive scrambling to figure out how he will smooth over the expensive error before the lucrative account jumps ship.

Focused on how to tactfully handle both the client and the magazine editor, Kent is suddenly distracted when a beautiful woman he’s met only once before, approaches him in the convention center lobby.

At a glance, the alluring and intelligent Octavia, sees a solution that may save Kent his client relationship, but it may also separate the industry leader from all of its competitors.

Indebted and aroused by Octavia’s beauty, intelligence, and humor, will Kent find a way to show is appreciation to the woman who’s in the city on important business of her own?

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica Romance Short Story

Length: 11,600 words



Now writing short stories…

If you’re interested in a quick little read from author, Cara Addison, you’ve come to the right place.  New in 2015, Cara is now writing short stories with a sexy, erotic flare.

Written specifically with a male reader in mind, these short stories are a tantalizing and a delectable tease that will leave you HOT and bothered.

What readers are saying about Cara’s short stories:

Well done.  I felt like I was right there in the story.  It was totally about me!  I love it!!

What is Cara’s first offering?

A contemporary erotica short story about trust, love, dominance, submission, and freedom

BoundButFreeFullWith an incredible gift of perception, Mike has discovered the latent secret to what provides unparralled pleasure for both he and the new love of his life. One night after months of sharing a home, he witnesses how his kitten embraces the discomfort of being bound, along with her ability to use it as fuel for an earth shattering orgasm. It has his own climax surpassing all others before it and it leads to an entirely new sexual freedom for this couple.
Finding each other after previous relationships that were both toxic and draining, they find it refreshing to have a partner so willing and eager to meet the needs of the other.
Balancing demanding careers, children, and the challenge of blending families, their time alone reveals that the amount of trust that they have is only surpassed by the love they share.


Cover Reveal + Contest

WIN an ebook copy of any one of Cara Addison’s novels.

This contest is open internationally, and here’s how you can participate: Just share this post on Facebook or Twitter. If we reach 50 posts, I’ll pick three Twitter winners and three Facebook winners at random.

The contest ends Sunday, October 26, at 8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time. You’ve got all weekend to rally your friends and followers.


Below you can find a blurb for the book, but if you haven’t read Her Sultry Eyes or A Heartbreaking Ride, I suggest you pick up a copy.  You’ll want to get to know these sexy detectives and to women they love, right from the moment they meet.

After meeting the new bombshell of a cheerleading coach during his investigation of a spree of petty thefts, detective Dennis Blain takes the perky brunette out on a date.

After a wild encounter that leaves him wanting more, he’s pulled away when he and detective Xander Mckenzie are summoned to the home of Tom and Sheri Dogma to investigate the disappearance of the husband and father who left hours earlier on a test drive to sell a truck listed on Craigslist.

Declared as a missing person the two detectives investigate leads and seek out witnesses as they work with a community that is stunned by the senseless and inexplicable disappearance.

Escaping the case during the few personal hours they’re afforded, Xander works through a fight with Lexi while Dennis discovers that his cheerleader has an emerging interest in his private collection of toys he keeps tucked away in a wardrobe in the closet.

Taken from the headlines of a real life community, this tragic story has been fictionalized to fit the characters and setting of The Coast.

When can you get your copy of The Test Drive? This steamy, contemporary erotica crime novel will release on November 5, 2015.