A short story by Cara Addison

ReflectionFULLWith an urgent call from his executive assistant, Kent Millar’s day is turned upside down. Away from the office to attend a Vancouver based convention, an egregious printing error made by a national magazine publisher has the marketing executive scrambling to figure out how he will smooth over the expensive error before the lucrative account jumps ship.

Focused on how to tactfully handle both the client and the magazine editor, Kent is suddenly distracted when a beautiful woman he’s met only once before, approaches him in the convention center lobby.

At a glance, the alluring and intelligent Octavia, sees a solution that may save Kent his client relationship, but it may also separate the industry leader from all of its competitors.

Indebted and aroused by Octavia’s beauty, intelligence, and humor, will Kent find a way to show is appreciation to the woman who’s in the city on important business of her own?

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica Romance Short Story

Length: 11,600 words