Short Stories: Reviews

★★★★★ for Reflection


ReflectionFULLBy Ebony Arrington – McMillan on March 23, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This short story is BLAZING HOT!!! Cara Addison has written a short story that blew me away and makes me want to take a cold shower 😉 The heat and passion between Kent and Octavia is CRAZY!! These two remind of two little Energizer bunnies with the mindset and libidos of teenagers 🙂

I HIGHLY recommend this short story to anyone looking for a great HOT quick read!! I promise that you will not be disappointed. I am planning on reading EVERYTHING that Cara Addison has available!!!


★★★★★ for Reflection


By heather on November 7, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

WOW… I read this last night and talk about a WOW read! This book incredibly hot, and just incredible all the way around. By the summary, it seems like a pretty simple story, but what Cara did with it is amazing.

The author did an amazing job making this book more than just a sexy romp. There was depth to the characters, some wonderful internal conflict in both sides, and an amazing story.



★★★★★ for Bound, But Free

BoundButFreeFullTalk about spicing up a relationship 😉

By Ebony Arrington – McMillan on March 24, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I think that this book just became my new favorite erotic short story!! Cara Addison has given me a story that I could not and did not want to put down. This book is HOT!! The heat between Kitten and her husband set my kindle on FIRE!!!

I highly recommend this short story!! I can not say enough that you need to grab this HOT little number!! I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Mrs. Addison’s writing!!!



★★★★ for Bound, But Free

Erotica, erotica, and more erotica … but there’s more hiding under the iceberg if the reader but looks

By Andrew Kuligowski on November 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Bound, But Free by Cara Addison

A happy mother and father, living in a custom-built house with their 3 beautiful children.
A loving couple, living in a custom-built house, with its special customized master bedroom; the walls were soundproofed to avoid being bothered by noises from the rest of the house.
A domme and his sub, further customizing the bedroom with pulleys, ropes, and other devices …

I am not the target market for Cara Addison’s short (10,000 word) story. I get embarrassed by graphic depictions of sex, but am not offended to the point where I won’t review something I am asked and I have the time. (Some reviewers even consider my levels of embarrassment to be a measuring stick for their success or failure.)

This story lives in my gray area between erotica and flat-out pornography – does it use sex to advance the plot, or is the material simply a device to provide sexual stimulation to the reader? On the surface, it would appear to be the latter. After some introduction of the two protagonists – their names and their, uh, interests – the rest of the story is devoted to vivid depictions of sexual activities between consenting adults. However, the reader is also being gently lead by the author during these activities to observe the love – and more importantly, the trust, between the couple.

Readers who like erotica are encouraged to give this story a read – I believe it may help extend their traditional viewpoint during such tales. Readers who are more interested in relationships BUT are open to a bit of, uh, adult variety will probably also enjoy it. However, readers who are offended by the single sex scene inserted into (some of) their traditional reading choices should simply avoid this book.

RATING: 4 stars, I believe that the story accomplishes what it set out to do, AND it succeeds on the erotic level on which it is marketed.


★★★★ for The Race Is On

TheRaceIsOnBookCoverMore than my heartbeat was racing!

By Amazon Customer on April 7, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Read this book stem to stern (pun intended). For a short story Cara Addison packs a lot into a short story. I found the one definitely achieved it’s purpose and won’t hesitate to read more of her material.