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Great Beach Read

By Karen Hrdlicka on April 9, 2016

The thing I’ve noticed about Cara Addison’s books is her female characters are always strong. I love Aemelia’s strength and the fact that she knows what she wants and goes for it. A smart business woman in a traditionally male dominated world, she manages a large fortune and plans to build her father’s dream. Duke is just as strong willed as Aemelia and together they are a passionate couple. Brought together by a night of sex, neither thought it would be a long term arrangement.
When a true relationship develops the journey becomes bumpy. His overbearing family, a fib gone wrong, and emotions that were unexpected makes for a fast paced read by Ms. Addison. The tropical setting for a large part of the book, makes it a great beach for the summer or a mental vacation by a fire in the winter. This banter between Duke and Aemelia is sexy and fun and their sex scenes are scorching. There are several unexpected events in the book, and while there are times when the reader may want to smack the characters for their actions, like real life nothing is predictable. I look forward to the next book by Ms. Addison.

Heather Miller rated it ★★★★

I have read a few other books and she never disappoints.

The main characters in the book, Duke a handsome 27 year old. Grew up wealthy, and is a successful business man.

The female character, Aemelia grew up in the wealthy atmosphere also. Aemelia had her Dad’s love and support growing up. Her mother was in the picture yes, however, to her Aemelia was just a bourdon. Aemelia has become a very successful business woman. She has a mass fortune of around $4 billion dollars.

Aemelia & Duke meet and become instantly attracted to each other. Aemelia & Duke at first are just using each other as ‘sex’ friends. However, with their connection, their attraction grows stronger, and they both realize they have a relationship.

Duke & Aemelia go to Duke’s families house in Chicago for his sister’s wedding. Aemelia & Duke’s father hit things off. He is very interested in her success and her business investments. He see’s Aemelia as a great person for his son. He says her pocket book will rival’s Duke’s any day. I was happy to see that his father saw Aemelia for the strong business woman she is, and not just arm candy for Duke.

Duke & Aemelia have up’s and down’s. However, they do work through things together mostly. Duke does seem, more controlling at times. At one point during the book I thought Duke was just with Aemelia for her money, for her fortune. Duke doesn’t seem to grasp what her wealth really is until one point where Aemelia offers to buy some stock to help his company for $4 million or so. Duke is flabbergasted about that money she can quickly turn around to help. Duke does finally realize Aemelia is a strong business woman down in the Caribbean when she is looking to turn some property around. Aemelia, she has a head for business, and can see what she is after. She doesn’t wait for Duke’s approval, or anyone else’s. She goes after what she wants. I was happy to see such a strong female character.


★★★★ Hold onto your book

By Elizabeth Wood on April 24, 2016

This story between Duke and Aemelia will keep you on the edge of your seat reading more. What started out as a quick fling turned into so much more. But when Duke decided to throw up a fake engament to appease his mother and started pushing Aemeila toward having kids, things go downhill fast. As he tries to rebuild their future things start to get better until they fall again. It’s a great story and I hope there is a book 2 to find out what happens next.

★★★★ How far are you willing to change your desires to make someone else happy? Aemelia and Duke are both very strong people …

By kdawnms on May 11, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Head’s up! There’s a cliffhanger after a thoroughly enjoyable read.

So, it’s been a little bit since I read the book (and even longer because I just found out that I hadn’t actually posted my review when I thought I had – my apologies Cara) – I wasn’t sure how I felt at the end. It left me feeling unsettled. I am not sure why either, but I think it was the cliffhanger. Now that I’ve got that out of the way…

How far are you willing to go to make a relationship work? How willing are you to make changes? If your idea of how you want your life to play out don’t necessarily match your partner’s, how far are you willing to change your desires to make someone else happy?

Aemelia and Duke are both very strong people with definite ideas on how their lives are going to go. They begin as friends with benefits and progress to a level Aemelia never thought she’d go to. This is an intriguing story of concessions and changes made to create a life, literally and it doesn’t play out the way you’d expect.

I love Aemelia and I’d love to do Duke! LOL Aemelia goes above and beyond in my opinion and all to make Duke feel fulfilled. I have to say, although I was unsettled at the ending, I love the story. I look forward to the next part of the journey.



It was an amazing story!

By Patti K on April 16, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

This story caught my attention right away. I read the entire book in less than 10 hours! It was an amazing story!! I hope there will be more Duke and Aemelia in the future so I can find out what happens next!


★★★★ Good Read…..Except the Ending

By Jenn MacKellar on April 18, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

This is the first of Cara Addisons books that I have read, and I can say I enjoyed the story. Her female character showed enormous strength…for the most part. The witty banter between the two main characters was exciting and made you wish you could just yell at them and make them see what is really happening. As expected the banter often led to some very graphic sex scenes that do not leave you wanting more. My only negative feeling on this story is the ending. The whole book has you thinking and wondering, and even hoping. Then it’s all over. Not sure I liked the ending.
But overall a good read!



on April 16, 2016
I’m not really sure how I feel about this book. I was awesome with the banter and chemistry between them. Up until the decision about children and the ending. I am not one for cliffhangers. If you like or are ok with them then this book is totally worth it even if you do wanna smack the crap out of the two of them more than once.