The Race Is On


The Race Is On by Cara Addison

TheRaceIsOncoverIt’s late spring in Vancouver when Erika Walker lands in the bustling west coast seaport for a week of business meetings as the executive producer for a film production company. With travel consuming so much of her life, Erika makes it a priority to get out and enjoy the unique spectacles each destination has to offer, and Vancouver is no different.

It’s not until she’s strolling around the grounds at the city’s annual ribfest that she comes face to face with the tall, handsome stranger that had caught her eye at the airport in Toronto.

As it turns out, Zachary Thompson is just as enamored with the executive producer as she is of the Australian who has flown in to observe a highly competitive yacht race as he scouts for talent to join his crew. Best of all, he’s not at all afraid to show her how he feels.

With three precious days in the same city, these global travellers have little time to discover if their immediate attraction and ultimate connection to one another, is enough to keep them together.

The Race Is On is a short story by Cara Addison.

Genre:  Contemporary Erotica Romance

Word Count: 18,600 words