Unwanted Attention

Sequel to The Fortuitous Pen

Coming July 16, 2015

ca-sttfp-unwantedattention-fullSince falling in love in San Diego three years ago, the very sexy Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner have gotten married, moved to Connecticut, and prepared to welcome their first child.

While Brett is as busy as ever in his role as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Austin is ready to take a little break from her writing career to focus on motherhood. When a message from a fan about the unannounced birth of their daughter appears in her inbox, it has her wondering how private her personal life really is.

Brett’s concern over the escalating attention from a cyberstalker has him rallying Bunny, Nicolas, and her Canadian friends to join together to protect Austin and baby Ella from the unwanted attention that has turned real-time when Ivan Varga confronts Austin in person.

After months of gathering evidence, Austin finally has her day in court to face the delusional fan that erroneously believes a fictional piece of writing is about their future lives together. Courtroom drama rises to a new level when Austin takes the stand.

What people are saying about Cara Addison’s Going The Distance series:

–Tom Hockman

“Going the Distance is about clicking with someone in every way. This series is not just a sex fantasy, it’s a relationship fantasy. But don’t think that means the sex isn’t hot, hotter, hottest!”

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 57,152 words



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