WADE: From The Shadows ~ Reviews

Really, there is no better way to summarize my newest release, WADE: From The Shadows than what you will read in this 5-star review.


I adore a good cowboy book, by the looks of my kindle I love them a lot. This book by Cara Addison is one of the best I’ve read in a while. Not only is it sexy as hell and a cowboy romance, it is a wonderful redemption story. I love reading Ms. Addison’s books. They are all radically different from each other and never fail to pull a great story together.
Last year I read her book, Behind the Chute, and got a glimpse of Wade behaving badly. In his book, he no longer has to fight his rival Kody, who in an ironic turn of events is now his agent. Envy of Kody still bothers Wade. He is jealous of the “perfect” life Kody and his wife have made for themselves.
What Wade really wants is the family he never had. Haunted by his past, Wade had made one poor choice after another. Somehow even when he wins, he manages to sabotage himself into a losing proposition. Deep-seated anger and hurt have clouded his judgement all his life, now he is determined to turn his life around. Forgoing easy sex with buckle bunnies is the first step. With the help of his friend, Dustin, he manages to stay on the straight and narrow. When he meets a Cheyenne, his life turns down a new path. A single mom, who works hard to support her son, Cheyenne is not the usual woman that would catch Wade’s eye.
For the kind of man Wade started out as, his care and tenderness to Cheyenne and her son, Griffin surprised me. I think my favorite character may just be Griffin, the sweet young boy that reminds Wade of his childhood and the pain of growing up without adults who cared. Ms. Addison does a wonderful job of walking the couple through their trials and tribulations. The road for Wade is still not smooth but the passion and sensuality of the characters is palpable. The story flows well and the characters are well developed. As for the sex scenes they are HOT and sizzling. Wade does indeed come from out of the shadows and in the light of day he’s become a new man. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good redemption story or a hot cowboy read.


Loved this so much
By Jayne Wheatley

I loved this book from the start it had me hooked
Wade was a cocky bull rider at the top of his game, with his main rival now his manager he was going the line. No longer the brawler he seemed more settled especially with single mum Cheyenne on the scene.
Cheyenne was a young single working mum that didn’t have her families full support but on a rare day along she meets Wade and they just click.
Wade surprised my and made a great impression with her son which just made me fall for him a little more lol
Wades life seemed to be on a high, but there was a few hiccups along the way-when tragedy strikes and everything changes.
Life wasn’t going to plan any longer but Wade was full of suprises and did what nobody expected and again I fell for him a little more
(yep total sucker for a strong minded hunk)
The family life seemed to work for them all and I think they all flourished together. They all needed each other and didn’t even know it. Loved the HEA ending



By Book Loving Fairy on September 10, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

Rating: stars!

I had the amazing opportunity to beta read this baby and let me tell you that I seriously in a for a surprise. This was my first book by the author and also in the bull-riding genre. I am so glad that I took on this task. I got the chance to meet Wade who is a professionally bull-rider at the top of his career since his main competitor just retired. He’s not had an easy journey with his name being splashed on the news for the wrong reasons and not putting a good light on his career. In order to improve his image for the wellbeing of his professional career, he decides to change his ways and to be a better man. He then meets Chey, a single mother struggling to make both ends meet. He instantly feels attraction for her and they hit it off. However, he intends to take things slowly since he’s now a changed man. I really loved that I got to watch a man take better decisions and also make mistakes. I saw him become more mature really. His and Cheyenne’s chemistry was really good! He was also a really good father figure to her little boy. They were a very real couple to me. I will definitely recommend this book to people looking for second chance romances.

~ Divya